Birds, bats, bees and butterflies are essential for pollination in your garden

Birds, bats, bees and butterflies are essential for pollination in your garden

Pollinators include birds, bats, bees, butterflies, and a variety of other insects. Interestingly, honey bees are particularly recognized for their pollination skills. We’d be in a lot of trouble if they didn’t exist.

Pollinators are involved in one out of every three bites of food humans consume, and they are critical to the ecosystem’s balance.

According to estimates, between 75 and 95 percent of all plants require pollination assistance, which is where our pollinator buddies come in.

These tiny critters aid in plant pollination by transporting pollen from one flower to the next while sipping nectar and collecting pollen for themselves.

Pollinators are in serious decline these days, owing to a variety of factors including habitat damage, pesticide use, and climate change.

There are things that we can do to assist the pollinators, help the environment, and provide ourselves with a simply gorgeous backyard or porch.

Planting pollinator-attracting flowers in your garden or pots on a porch can provide these essential critters with much-needed food and pollination fodder.

The sunning and entertaining hummingbirds are especially attracted to red and orange flowers. It is important to try to plant native flowers as the local hummingbirds will be familiar with them.

Try also to plant flowers that have a long flowering window so that the hummingbirds will have a continued food source and will keep coming back to your garden throughout the season.

This article by Emma Gallagher was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 28 April 2022. Lead Image Source : happyfamilyart/Shutterstock.

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