Black grouse numbers on the rise in Scotland

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The number of black grouse in Scotland has risen, according to new figures. Surveys of traditional ‘lek’ sites across black grouse strongholds of Dumfries and Galloway, Deeside and Speyside, revealed a rise in numbers on the previous year – an encouraging sign for this scarce bird which is red listed as a species of high conservation concern.

The results could imply that a combination of factors including major woodland initiatives and conservation efforts, boosted by a good breeding season in 2010, may be beginning to pay off.

The Black Grouse or Blackgame (Tetrao tetrix) is a large game bird in the grouse family. It is a sedentary species, breeding across northern Eurasia in moorland – Image by Eugenijus Kavaliauskas

Read full article, which was written and published by the RSPB.


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Wrong picture, thats a cock Capercaillie.

Glenn Bartley

Stevie, apologies for showing the wrong illustration. This has now been corrected.