Cincinnati Zoo Announces Name Of Baby Hippo… Meet Fritz!

Cincinnati Zoo Announces Name Of Baby Hippo… Meet Fritz!

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden have officially announced the name of Bibi’s baby hippo.

The adorable hippo was born on August 3rd, which is also National Watermelon Day. It was a very fitting birthdate as hippos love watermelon and it is also how the zoo announced Bibi’s pregnancy.

For the next two weeks, Mama and baby will be off habitat in the indoor pool, so they have time to bond. Caretakers watch in awe and continue to share photos and video clips with anxious fans.

Five days after the birth, it was announced that the hippo calf was a boy. “It’s a boy! Fiona has a little brother!”

Bibi is also mom to the renowned Fiona. The spunky and exuberant hippo has a devoted following who is excited for the new family addition. The little guy is already a lot like his big sister and even does the same “ear wiggles”.

The zoo asked fans to help pick a name. After receiving many great suggestions like “Shrek”, the care team narrowed it down to Fritz and Ferguson. The name was decided by fans voting for their favorite.

Over 200,000 people voted, and the results showed that 56% picked Fritz over Ferguson. The happy news was shared on Facebook and the zoo wrote, “Say hello to Fritz!”

They went on to say, “The hippo keepers love the name and think it’s fitting since Bibi’s birth control was apparently on the fritz. 😂 It also sounds good with Fiona!!”

Fritz is growing quickly and caretakers shared, “Baby boy weighs 102 lbs today and he has at least 6 teeth coming in! Hippo calves can gain about 2-3 lbs a day!”

He spends his days swimming alongside mom, nursing, and playing. He has a big personality, and we cannot wait to see more.

The zoo said it perfectly, “Watching him grow up is going to be so much fun!” Follow along on Facebook for more updates on Fritz and Fiona.

This article was first published by The Animal Rescue Site.

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