Couple Transforms Lifejacket Into Stepping Stone For Trapped Ducklings

Couple Transforms Lifejacket Into Stepping Stone For Trapped Ducklings

The pool was easy to climb into, but the mother might’ve miscalculated how easy it would be to climb back out.

With all her ducks in tow, she tried to exit the pool but some of the ducklings were struggling to make it over the edge.

Thankfully, a compassionate couple took notice of the ducklings’ struggles and decided to step in to help. Rather than stressing the duck family out by getting invovled with their hands, the couple decided to simply create an easier exit for the ducklings.

Using a lifejacket, they made a stepping stone of sorts near the edge of the pool so the little ducklings could enter and exit the water as they please!

According to FOUR PAWs International, all ducks have highly waterproof feathers that allow them to dive underwater and swim without getting their skin and under feathers wet.

Ducks are also social creatures, so they like to stick in groups and enjoy the company of other ducks. Ducklings stick together with their mom not just for social enjoyment, though, but for survival. As FOUR PAWS explains, “Ducklings younger than 10 days tend to swim and walk as a group, always close to their mother, to avoid the attack of predators.”

If one duckling can’t keep up or becomes isolated, it becomes an easy target and is unlikely to survive long.

That makes what the Florida couple did even more impactful, knowing they not only made it easier for the little duck family but possibly saved some lives as well!

This article by Malorie Thompson was first published by The Animal Rescue Site

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