Coyote Rescued After Wandering into Middle School and Released Back into the Wild

Coyote Rescued After Wandering into Middle School and Released Back into the Wild

A Coyote was rescued and released after wandering into a bathroom stall in a California middle school this week. An Animal Services Officer with Riverside County safely removed the young male from the school and released him back into the wild.

According to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RCDAS), a middle school in Riverside, California, called and reported seeing a wild animal on the school grounds. The male coyote, who they believed was around 9 months old, wandered into the school and hid in a bathroom stall.

Apparently, it is not the first time that the young coyote had been on the school grounds. Staff members told the animal officers that they nicknamed the coyote Wile E after the Road Runner cartoon. They spotted the curious wild animal multiple times in the previous weeks.

The rescue footage shows Officer Luna finding the coyote in a stall, looking frightened. The officer captured the coyote and brought him back to the wild again. No animals or humans were harmed during the coyote’s visit to the school, according to the RCDAS.

When the officer was ready to release the animal, he said in a video released by the RCDAS, “It’s becoming more and more difficult to relocate them with all the development and new homes,” Luna said.

This is becoming a huge problem, and these animals’ homes are being destroyed because of our greed.

This article by Hailey Kanowsky was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 8 October 2022. Lead Image Source : Ian Dewar Photography/Shutterstock.

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