Customs Officials in Germany Seize Giant Elephant Foot

Customs Officials in Germany Seize Giant Elephant Foot

Customs officials in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, have seized a giant elephant’s foot that has been converted into a velvet-covered container. The foot was from the U.K. and intended for a recipient in Germany.

The illegal item did not have the proper paperwork, and it was reportedly intended to be a gift for a Swiss person that was supposed to pick up the package in Weil am Rhein, a town bordering Germany and Switzerland.

After officials confirmed that it was a real African elephant foot, they launched an investigation. The foot reportedly was from a “highly endangered” and protected species.

Maya Jehle of the customs office said, “The foot was completely hollowed out from the inside and damaged on top with a red velvet cover and golden fringes. It’s totally tasteless.”

Officials from the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation are handling the ongoing investigation. Lions, elephants, gazelle, and several other species are all at high risk of being shot down for an adrenaline rush, a picture, and maybe a new mantlepiece, or in this case, a container. There is no reason that this animal should have been murdered to have a body part be used to simply hold things.

There’s no denying that hunting animals — whether they are ‘exotic’ or common — is unethical. Trophy hunting is actively hurting animal populations and is a financial and social burden for the countries that host this activity.

Hopefully, by appreciating that it can be addicting to some hunters, we will be able to switch the conversation to why these hunters feel the need to murder animals and find more ethical and sustainable ways for them to spend their time, money, and energy.

This article by Hailey Kanowski was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 26 August 2022. Lead Image Source : MattiaATH/Shutterstock.

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