Diver Swallowed Whole by a Massive Humpback Whale; How Did He Survive?

Diver Swallowed Whole by a Massive Humpback Whale; How Did He Survive?

Last year, a lobster diver first shared his near-death experience of being swallowed by a 27,000-kilogram humpback whale while diving at sea. Michael Packard, 56, found himself in the mouth of a large marine mammal while plucking lobsters from the ocean floor in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Incredibly, he managed to survive and tell the tale and even went back to work three weeks later. In a new interview, Michael recounts being hit by what felt like a “freight train” while on his third dive for the day.

Diver Spends 30 Seconds Inside A Whale

Daily Star reported Michael’s story last year when he was swallowed whole by a humpback whale for 30 seconds before being spat out, just like Jonah in the Bible.

The incident happened on a Friday, June 11, 2021, while he was plucking lobsters from the ocean floor and suddenly felt a “huge shove and everything went black.” He soon realized that he has become the food of a marine creature that he first thought was a great white shark.

But feeling no sharp teeth around, it dawned on him that he was inside a whale’s mouth. He told local news outlet WBZ-TV that the whale was trying to swallow him, and that was when he thought that he would finally die.

He struggled so hard that caused the whale to shake its head and surface from the water. Michael finally saw the light and after about 30 to 40 seconds inside the gigantic marine mammal’s mouth, he was thrown in the air and landed in the water. Finally, he was freed and he floated on the ocean.

His crewmate, Josiah Mayo, watched in disbelief as a whale suddenly erupted and spat Michael out. He immediately dragged his friend out of the water and onto their boat, named The J n’ J, before calling for help. The Provincetown responded in haste and rushed Michael to the emergency department.

According to a recent report from Daily Star, Michael escaped with a ligament injury to his knee and some bruises. The diver also noted that it was his second near-death experience after being involved in a plane crash two decades ago.

This article by Margaret Davies was first published by The Science Times on 13 June 2022. Lead Image: (Photo : Pixabay/Pexels) What Happens When A Whale Swallows A Human? Diver Recounts His Experience Bizarre Experience.

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