End experiments at Johns Hopkins University involving mutilation and killing of owls

End experiments at Johns Hopkins University involving mutilation and killing of owls

For centuries, academic research has been conducted at the expense of sentient, living beings. Animals who are forced to participate in experiments can fully experience pain, and yet universities around the world continue to expose these innocent creatures to harm and abuse.

Even when these poor animals are not being poked and prodded at, they still suffer enormous amounts of stress in laboratories where they are typically kept in barren containers and cages.

Some animals even spend their entire lives in solitary confinement and are denied any type of company, love, or comfort. Considering that more effective and humane alternatives exist, there’s no excuse not to replace animal experimentation for good!

Recently, Johns Hopkins University was called out for abusing owls, monkeys, and pigs for their experiments. PETA recently filed a lawsuit alleging that one professor at the University conducted experiments on owls without a permit for four years.

The experiment involved restraining owls, attaching electrodes to their brains, and then, overwhelming them with various stimuli. PETA claims that “when the owls’ brains become too damaged for [the researcher] to use for further experimentation, he kills them.”

Following the animal rights organization’s allegation, the University put out a statement excusing the animal abuse. They said that animals are vital for their current research on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), schizophrenia, and autism. The university also claimed, “the humane treatment of research animals is incredibly important to us at Johns Hopkins.”

There is never a reason to subject innocent creatures to these types of experiments. Animal experimentation is totally inappropriate and unnecessary for these realms of study – especially considering how many humane alternatives exist.

We need to hold Johns Hopkins accountable for this major violation and ensure that its regulations align with the ethical treatment of animals.

Sign this petition to demand that Johns Hopkins University President Ronald Daniels end these cruel experiments immediately!

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This article by Holly Woodbury was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 27 January 2022. Lead Image Source : Yata888/Shutterstock.

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