Family Rescues Scared Newborn Skunk During Bike Ride

Family Rescues Scared Newborn Skunk During Bike Ride

During a bike ride, this family found a sweet baby skunk alone and afraid outside in the 108-degree heat. The baby was incredibly tiny, barely breathing, and covered in mud. They had a hard time trying to take up the baby skunk, but the daughter was determined to help the scared baby. The skunk had wounds and ant bites all over his body, so the family decided to take him home and research how they could help him get better. They fed him, and within just a few hours, the baby already began to perk up.

“You loved snuggles, warm washcloths, and the sound of our voices,” the TikTok text said.

@megsrn83 and the family started to fall in love with the little guy and even named him Skittles. Skittles got stronger and even began to cry, and although they loved their new little rescue, they knew what they had to do.

“We loved you right away… but knew we had to do the right thing for you… and find a sanctuary where you could live free.”

In the meantime, the loving family built Skittles a nest and researched and finally found a rehabilitation center that specializes in skunks.

“We fell in love with you and will always think of you,” the TikTok read.

This family is amazing for rescuing this scared skunk, and they even knew it was the right thing to bring Skittles to a sanctuary where he could get the help he needed.

If you happen to notice an animal on the side of the road, whether or not the animal is injured, safely put on the hazard lights and pull your car completely off the road before attempting to rescue them, says the Humane Society.

This article by Hailey Kanowsky was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 30 September 2022. Lead Image Source : Becky Sheridan/Shutterstock.

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