Fawn with Head Trauma and Neurological Issues Rescued and Brought to Wildlife Sanctuary

Fawn with Head Trauma and Neurological Issues Rescued and Brought to Wildlife Sanctuary

This five-month-old fawn was rescued after witnesses reported that he was walking backward, staggering, and seemed incredibly disoriented.

Rescuers got him back to get an examination, and they found no visual injuries, but they found out the fawn had head trauma and neurological issues.


It’s that time of year🥺 All my sleepless nights, time,energy, heartache, laughter,crying,happiness,patience,praying,hopefulness, letdowns,anger, loneliness, so many feelings but most importantly love❤️ My NYS release regulation is September 15… In August I take my fawns to their release sites so they can adjust to their new surroundings before release… it’s an extremely emotional time for me, but this is what I work so hard for.. giving them a second chance. I will continue to care for them until it’s time to say goodbye… #bestnonpayingjobever #animallover #animalplanet #wildliferescue #fawn #deer #whitetaildeer #buck #wwasos #loveyou #missyou #fyp #foryoupage #goodbye #secondchance

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They put him in a pen with hay, and he slowly began to wake up. Edward, the fawn, was disoriented and was not able to walk forward.

He stumbled backward and laid down in defeat.

He was given proper medication, and they gave him the night to rest.

Slowly but surely, Edward began to improve and was able to stand up and eat out of the hand of one of his rescuers.

To keep up with Edward and other Whitetail Deer at Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife rehabilitation center, follow @fuzzyfawnwildlife on TikTok.


Edward update from last post, he’s improving slowly, im hopeful ♥️ #bestnonpayingjobever #animallover #animalrescue #wildliferescue #animalplanet #fypシ #thedodo #fyp #wwasos #deer #fawn

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