Four Oregonians charged with poaching 27 big game animals could face 2,000 in fines

Four Oregonians charged with poaching 27 big game animals could face $162,000 in fines

Four people have been charged in connection with poaching 27 big game animals over the past two years, according to Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife division.

Police said the poaching took place in the Mid-Willamette Valley and Coast Range and included illegal take of buck deer, bull elk, black bear, bobcat and cougar, according to a news release.

Police issued criminal citations against William Hollings, 34, of Philomath; Nicholas Lisenby, 39, of Lebanon; and Eric Hamilton, 33, of Alsea.

Amanda Hughes, 37, of Lebanon, was also charged.

The charges are likely to require the four to pay around $162,700 in restitution. Hollings, Lisenby and Hamilton will likely lose hunting privileges and pay additional fees, according to a news release.

“This sends a message to others who might poach, that we can and do find perpetrators,” ODFW Stop Poaching campaign coordinator Yvonne Shaw said. “Poachers steal from all Oregonians. Everyone who enjoys our natural resources lost numerous opportunities to observe these animals, to enjoy their presence. It was stolen away.”

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Police received a tip through the Turn In Poachers (TIP) Line that started the investigation. Anyone who turns in poachers can get cash rewards or hunter preference points if their report leads to a citation or arrest.

“He’s the reason we got this case going and he’s going to get some hunting preference points,” trooper Jim Andrews said of the tipster. Andrews led the investigation.

According to police, evidence of the crimes was discovered after an initial search warrant executed on Hollings’ residence on April 8, 2020.

“Based on those findings, troopers served additional warrants for related suspects on April 25. They discovered multiple subjects, who allegedly poached at least 27 big game animals,” police said.

Charges also include felon in possession of a firearm; illegal transfer of a tag; hunting during a closed season and hunting without big game tags.

To report fish, wildlife and habitat crimes, call the Turn In Poachers (TIP) Line at 800-452-7888 or dial *OSP or online [email protected]

This article was first published by The Statesman Journal on 19 May 2020. Lead Image: Police included this evidence with charges against four Oregonians of poaching and other wildlife crimes. OSP.

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