Group Accuses Magician-Backed Tiger ‘Sanctuary’ of Being Misleading

Group Accuses Magician-Backed Tiger ‘Sanctuary’ of Being Misleading

An animal rights group has made accusations that a tiger attraction that could be built near Las Vegas is misleading the public by using the word “sanctuary.”

Executive Director for CompassionWorks International, Carrie LeBlanc said, “It is intentionally misleading to label the tiger tent- proposed tiger tent as a sanctuary.

It isn’t, it’s a very small area that isn’t sufficient to give tigers what they need to live natural full lives, which is what you would expect out of a sanctuary situation.”

It was confirmed that magician Jay Owenhouse is behind the proposal. This poses some very obvious concerns as it seems that this ‘sanctuary’ will be a place for the tigers to perform, which would never ever happen at a real animal sanctuary.

They will also be kept in much smaller and less natural enclosures than a real sanctuary.

Animal attractions labelling themselves “sanctuaries” is a huge problem that tricks people into thinking they are supporting something ethical rather than cruel.

These kinds of ‘sanctuaries’ or ‘scamtuaries’ are nothing more than glorified zoos and circuses, not designed in any way to give the animals a normal life.

A real sanctuary is created to imitate the animals’ natural habitat as closely as possible they are not there to entertain or perform for people’s amusement.

If Owenhouse’s proposal is approved, another meeting will take place on December 22 in which Clark County Commissioners will vote on the plans.

If so, activists will be there voicing their discontent and advocating for the tigers.

This article by Abigauil Jane was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 1 December 2021. Lead Image Source : Jessica Weiller/Unsplash.

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