Incredible moment mama bear fights 500lb rival to death before fatal plunge 100 feet down mountain as she defends cub

Incredible moment mama bear fights 500lb rival to death before fatal plunge 100 feet down mountain as she defends cub

THIS is the incredible moment a mama bear fought her 500lb rival to death before a fatal 100ft plunge in a bid to protect her cub.

The nail-biting footage shows the two bears fighting on the edge of a mountain cliff before plunging onto the rocks below them.

The protective mum miraculously survived as she can be seen standing up moments after the fall.

The clip was filmed in Leon, Spain, and was shared by park rangers who found the injured bear and her cub.

The video shows the male bear approaching the female who is standing protectively in front of her cub.

The two of them start fighting and eventually collapse to the ground from a great height.

The male, whose weight is estimated around 478 pounds, rolls all the way down and remains motionless while the female stands up and limps away from the scene.

After looking for her for two days the park rangers found the female bear’s 49ft deep burrow, the environment service said on Wednesday on its website.

Using specialist camera probes and telescopic hooks, they then left fruit and water for them in the burrow, it said.

It is not uncommon for male bears to attack females with cubs during the mating season.

There are about 400 bears in the Spanish mountains, most of them in the north, and some 70 of them live in the Pyrenean mountain range on the border with France, according to Fundacion Oso Pardo, a bear protection group.

This article by Aliki Kraterou was first published by The Sun on 10 June 2022. 

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