Koalas, one of Australia’s most beloved mammals, are at risk of extinction

Koalas, one of Australia’s most beloved mammals, are at risk of extinction

Climate change has proved disastrous in Australia, as it has in many other places across the world. Temperatures have reached record highs, and flames have engulfed neighborhoods and wildlife habitats.

Climate change is particularly endangering a key endangered species: the koala.

Koalas, like all creatures, have no voice and no power. It is up to us to take the necessary precautions to keep them safe.

“The koala is designated as “vulnerable” on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List, which records species at risk of extinction,” according to statistics.

While the IUCN has stated that there are between 100,000 and half a million koalas in the wild, the Australian Koala Foundation says that this number is inaccurate and is likely closer to 58,000.

Recently, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, said in a statement, “Koalas are one of Australia’s most loved and best-recognized icons, both here at home and across the world, and we are committed to protecting them for generations to come.”

Australia has also announced that it will spend a record $50 million Australian ($35 million US) over the next four years to boost the long-term protection and recovery of its koala population. We need to ensure that they follow through with these promises.

We need to take action and tell the Australian government to commit to taking serious action to reduce fossil fuel extraction and ban further drilling off their coasts! This would be a major win and would help slow climate change and give us a chance to save our koala friends.

Sign this petition to demand Australia’s government take action now to slow climate change and protect koalas from extinction!

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This article by Holly Woodbury was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 10 February 2022. Lead Image Source : slowmotiongli/shutterstock.

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