Let’s Stop Vulture Poisoning Now – Video

Let’s Stop Vulture Poisoning Now – Video

BirdLife is fighting to stop vultures from slipping towards extinction. Thanks to everyone that has supported our campaign so far, we are now 79% of the way towards our urgent target of £20,000. Nearly there! But like the vultures in Africa and Europe, we need some more help. So we are launching a video, and asking for your support to help us stop vulture poisoning now.

As the video begins, we see vultures soaring gracefully in the sky and Dr Mark Anderson (Chief Executive of BirdLife South Africa) opens with the thought: “I can’t imagine the African skies devoid of vultures.”

Vultures in Africa and Europe could become extinct in our lifetime, so today we launch a video to encourage your support for our campaign to protect these incredible animals.

Let’s Stop Vulture Poisoning Now – Video
Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus – Photo by Mike Barth

Vultures are important and essential for our health: “Vultures play a fundamental role that no other birds do: they clean our landscapes”, said Iván Ramírez, Head of Conservation for BirdLife International in Europe and Central Asia.

Yet they are facing new and massive threats across Europe and Africa.

“We have discovered that diclofenac is available in two EU countries. Diclofenac is now a global problem”, warns Ramirez.

As well as an impending threat of diclofenac, “in Africa they are facing many, many threats – and very different across the continent”, said Dr Anderson.

The BirdLife Partnership – with coordinated action through local Partners in Asia, Europe and Africa – is uniquely and very importantly placed to address the threats.”Solutions exist,” adds Ramirez. “The first step in Europe is to get a Referral from the European Commission in order to achieve an EU ban on veterinary diclofenac.”

Your support is vital to this work, and will make a real difference to its success. Please, dig deep, donate now and help us keep vultures flying as high as they should be.

Whether you see vultures as incredible, ugly, beautiful, dirty and deathful or useful and under-appreciated; they are in huge need of our protection. Please give your support at: www.justgiving.com/stop-vulture-poisoning-now


Words of support from people who have donated already:

“Vultures are magnificent and important to the natural world. Let’s DO IT!! Save them.”

“Completely immoral to carry on selling these chemicals that are known to be deadly. Companies should stop doing this NOW.”

“We can’t let what’s happened in India and Nepal happen elsewhere in the world.”

“Conservation of vultures helps keep our landscapes alive.”

“Don’t let these magnificent birds disappear.”

“I am passionate that we should do all we can to save such wonderful birds.”

“Excellent work; good luck.”

“Huge luck with this vital campaign!”

“Congratulations for what you are already doing with all birds, and best of luck with vultures… wonderful creatures…”

“We can’t let these iconic birds disappear.”

“Vultures are some of the world’s largest and most graceful flyers. We cannot allow them to be poisoned, otherwise they will become extinct and that cannot happen!”

Thanks to Carles Carboneras for his vulture video footage. Thanks to Margaret Atwood, David Lindo, Simon King and Chris Packham for their support to the campaign.

This article was first published by Birdlife International on 18 Sep 2014.

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