Lily the Cat Saves Family from Intruding Coyote

Lily the Cat Saves Family from Intruding Coyote

In the early hours of a Los Angeles morning, the Shoshan family was jolted awake by the terrified cries of their cat, Lily. In a heart-stopping turn of events, a coyote had entered their home through the pet door.

Lily had been the first to spot the intruder and immediately sprung onto the dining room chairs, meowing desperately for help. Mia Shoshan, the homeowner, shared with KTLA how their usually composed feline was visibly shaken, screaming for their attention.

The initial response from the family was confusion, thinking one of their dogs might be causing Lily’s distress. However, a quick check confirmed both dogs were safe with them, raising their alarm. A family member went to investigate and was met with the sight of the coyote, which promptly retreated through the pet door.

Reflecting on the incident, Mia expressed relief that her pets were unharmed. Her dogs, small and potentially easy targets, were lucky to have escaped the encounter. She also shared concern for Lily, their 14-year-old cat, who was still reeling from the shock.

This situation has prompted a change in the Shoshan household. Mia is now cautioning fellow pet owners in the neighborhood about the risk of leaving pet doors open or letting pets roam freely outside. The family will now ensure their pets are accompanied when outside, and the pet door will be secured unless needed.

This incident isn’t isolated, highlighting an increasing issue in LA. Last December, a two-year-old girl was attacked by a coyote in her own yard. The toddler sustained scratches and bruises and had to be treated at an emergency room, receiving a rabies vaccine.

Similarly, Tamara Wynn shared her heartbreaking experience with Fox 11, recounting how she lost her two pet chihuahuas to a coyote attack, despite believing her six-foot fence would keep them safe.

Coyotes are becoming a common sight in LA neighborhoods, and while attacks on humans remain rare, pets are often more vulnerable. As pet owners, it’s essential to be aware of potential dangers and take preventive measures to keep our beloved animals safe.

This article by Josie Fu was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 11 May 2023. 

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