Little boy chased by pack of wild dogs on beach in heart-stopping video

Little boy chased by pack of wild dogs on beach in heart-stopping video

He narrowly avoided the maul of the wild.

A child in Russia is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a pack of wild dogs who chased him into the sea, as seen in harrowing footage that recently wound up on Reddit.

The ordeal reportedly occurred on August 27 after the feral canines decided to lunge at a tot who was playing in the Reduktorny settlement micro-district of Makhachkala, Reuters reported.

The nail-biting aerial clip, captioned “Bad day for a boy in Makhachkala,” shows the petrified child sprinting across a beach as a pack of strays pursues him like a scene from the prehistoric dog drama “Alpha.”

Just when the situation seems hopeless, the quick-thinking tyke darts into the ocean, leaving the hounds baying wildly on the shore.

Despite the miraculous escape, the child appeared to sustain several bites before jumping into the drink.

As of yet, the boy’s health status remains unclear.

The child’s plight elicited sympathy from viewers with one aghast Redditor writing, “It’s a pity that he didn’t have any weapons, like in some open-world computer game.”

Another said it was a “good day” as the youngster had managed to dodge the dogs by running into the sea.

“I don’t get it. Why do people allow for these dogs to run around and attack their children?” spluttered one viewer. “Ok ok, I have a possible explanation, the boy is an orphan cause the dogs ate his parents…”

A Reddit user replied, “Feral dogs are a problem in many poorer countries.”

Unfortunately, packs of wild canines — dogs that have not had interaction with humans for most of their lives — have indeed proven a scourge in many countries.

Australia has dedicated exorbitant sums and myriad measures, including enlisting dog-kicking mules, to combat its scourge of wild canines, which have wrought havoc on the continent’s livestock and native wildlife.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a Hawaii man was mauled by a pack of dogs and left bleeding to death in the middle of the road in a “horrific” attack Tuesday morning, police said.

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This article by Ben Cost was first published by The New York Post on 29 August 2023. Lead Image: The boy takes refuge in the water. Reddit.

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