Lost Black Bear Cub Rescued After Starving for 3 Days

Lost Black Bear Cub Rescued After Starving for 3 Days

This little bear cub may have had a rough start, but he’s a fighter! He was first spotted high up in a tree in the Bradshaw area of Roanoke. After 36 hours, there was still no sign of mom, so locals notified the police. This little boy was rescued by a retired conservation police officer from Troutville, who was alerted that the cub had been alone in a yard for almost three days and was on his last legs.

Luckily, the officer was able to get the cub out of the tree and to the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke, which took in its first bear cub of the year. At just over three pounds, the cub was so small that he had to be transported in a cat carrier, reports WFXR. He was underweight, anemic, and dehydrated, and had been crying for his mother, who rescuers think is likely deceased.

At the rescue center, emergency fluids were administered to the young black bear cub. He is now stabilized and doing well.

“Nearly all the orphans we receive need supportive fluids upon admission via injection and oral routes—feeding a debilitated animal without medically hydrating them first can cause death, which is why our recommendation is to never feed wildlife before discussing the situation with a permitted rehabber,” said Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke.

Thanks to the quick action of the CPO and rescue staff, this cub has a second chance at life!

Lead Image Source : Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke/Facebook.

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