Nov 022013

The Spanish government is currently considering passing a law which would protect and promote bullfighting, an outdated spectacle which causes extreme pain and suffering to bulls.

The majority of Spanish citizens don’t support bullfighting. Nor do they want their taxes spent protecting it.

Please join us in opposing the proposed new law by sending a message to the Spanish government today.

Photo by Daniel Lopez-Paullada Photography

Spain has so many treasures to enjoy, but by supporting and protecting the killing of bulls for entertainment, Spain’s government risks leaving a terrible legacy for future generations.

The torment and death of animals for amusement, or for cultural reasons, can never be acceptable. It is cruel and outdated, and has no place in a modern society.

Ask the Spanish government to do the right thing. Let them know that by taking a compassionate stance against this cruel pastime, they would win the support of concerned citizens around the world.

Please sign the petition and leave your comments below:

LOVE Spain, HATE Bullfighting

Don’t delay! Do it today.

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Stephanie Bewick

One man, one bull, NO weapons NO help, come you big brave Matador's show us what you are made of.

Lisa Wilder

They are NOT brave. They are NOT real men. They are worthless. They have NO right to live. Same for the scum setting there watching a poor animal being tortured to death PERIOD,

Joan Turnbull

This is an old barbaric so called sport it should be stopped now.. any animal loving Brit would watch the torture and pain these beautiful animals go through to allow a man to prove he is a man. It is NOT even an equal game as the bulls horns are filed so as not to cause too much injury to the matador….

Kathryn Erskine

This should be stopped without delay or excuses to continue it. It is completely unacceptable.

Ina Mitchell

This is not a sport since the bull has already been severely injured by the picadors and the banderillas. (Ornamented dart with barbs used by banderilleros for sticking into the neck or shoulder of the bull.) I cheer for the underdog, which happens to be the bull!

Satja Jagoda Satyanam
Any animal lover would like to see this sport banned for good. If we are truly a bunch of animal lovers and care for their well being and not just happy making pretty pictures then its time to act and not compare cabbages with kings. I totally disagree with the post below as a pride of hungry lions kill a buffalo which ever way for feeding their hunger and not merely a spectacle of bloody sport. I wish Mr.Hallamore all the best for his wish in his next re-incarnation, when as a bull he will feel 20 inches of sharp… Read more »
Susan Lee

I think the Spanish government should heed its own people who are against the spectacle of deliberate cruelty. Why not go back to the much older sport of Cretan Bull-LEAPING when athletes would seize the bull's horns and leap over its back? Now THAT would be an enormous show of skill and bravery!

Chris Hallamore
The Spanish fighting bulls are mostly reared on farms in the Western Province of Extremadura. Here the bulls enjoy 4 to 6 years of great life of pastures, good weather and breeding. Of course the cows have 8 plus years of paradise. Finally the bull suffers a brutal killing in the bull ring, indeed, less brutal than the buffalo’s death at the mercy of a pride of lions. Now let’s contrast this with the millions of high producing dairy cows that live their short lives (5 years) in hell. The facts are they never rear the calves never mate, have… Read more »

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