Malta – Massacre on Migration (Episode 2)

Malta – Massacre on Migration (Episode 2)

The second episode of Chris Packham’s documentary “Malta – Massacre on Migration” opens on the cliffs at dawn.

Apparently there are 384 bird species to be found on Malta.

The videoclip includes stunning shots of Montagu’s Harriers circling on the outskirts of Gozo preparing to roost for the night, reports of “lamping” taking place using torches mounted on shotguns, two encounters with groups of police and the illegal shooting of a Little Bittern.

Malta – Massacre on Migration (Episode 2)

Chris and his team started the day at at 04:30 am viewing Montagus Harriers, Pallid Harriers, and Marsh Harriers. Just after dawn they came across a cooperative group of 10 police officers.

Apparently a hunter had just been caught hunting the harriers and his gun and ammunition had been confiscated. According to the police spokesman, the hunter would subsequently be prosecuted.

Another patrol a little further away discovered a Little Bittern, which had just been shot and retrieved by a gun dog. The police were informed but only showed up after more than an hour and were less than cooperative.

The situation took an unexpected turn because the police apparently didn’t like being filmed. Rupert Masefield, BirdLife Malta’s Communication Officer was subsequently arrested and taken into custody!

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POLL: Should spring hunting on Malta be stopped?

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