Malta – Massacre on Migration (Episode 4)

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Chris Packham and the BirdLife Team were busy yesterday delivering illegally shot birds from all over Malta to a veterinary practice for examination and treatment.

The videoclip covers a non-migrating , a locally-breeding and a migrating Montagu’s Harrier.

The Harrier had bird shot lodged in the wing and body and with little chance for a recovery had to be euthanized.

Apparently 80% of the birds brought in to the center for treatment fall into this category and have to be put down.

If you haven’t already voted, then we invite you to vote FOR or AGAINST a complete ban on the spring hunting of migrating birds on Malta. Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

POLL: Should spring hunting on Malta be stopped?

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Information about the project and a template letter to send to your MEP can be found at:

More information and comments from hunters and conservationists:

POLL: Should spring hunting on Malta be stopped?


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Steve Elliott
Steve Elliott

Looks like hunters in Malta are voting on this poll