Man jumps into icy water to save deer with bucket stuck on its head

Man jumps into icy water to save deer with bucket stuck on its head

When not disposed of properly, seemingly harmless trash can pose a danger to unsuspecting animals.

We see it time and time again, animals getting their head stuck in pretzel containers, milk cans, tin cans, plastic jugs, plastic containers, glass jars, and more.

Some animals are left with their heads stuck for days, weeks, or until they die from exposure or starvation.

Others are more fortunate, and help arrives just in time – like a deer in Long Island Sound, New York.

The deer had gotten her head stuck in an old tin paint can and was in need of immediate help. Thankfully, someone called Frankie with Strong Island Animal Rescue League.

When Frankie arrived, he discovered the deer had wandered into the nearby water and was out swimming, putting her at risk of drowning! If water got into the paint can, the deer would have just minutes to live.

Without hesitation, Frankie yanked his boots off and ran into the water after the deer, but she was too far out. Speaking with The Dodo, Frankie said the water was “ice, ice cold” and he didn’t trust himself to swim so far out and bring the deer back safely.

Frankie was able to call out for help and a nearby boat responded. Together, they boated out to the deer and were able to pull the can from her head. Once free, they held her to the front of the boat and got her safely back to shore.

This article by Malorie Thompson was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 20 January 2022. Lead Image Source : kajornyot wildlife photography/Shutterstocck.

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