Man Pleads Guilty After Recording and Laughing at His Dogs Ripping Apart Wild Animals

Man Pleads Guilty After Recording and Laughing at His Dogs Ripping Apart Wild Animals

A man pled guilty to multiple charges after recording his dogs ripping apart wild animals in what the Scottish SPCA calls the ‘worst’ videos they’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, dog fighting and hunting are still widely practiced, despite them being incredibly cruel.

Callum Muir pled guilty to multiple charges after his home was raided by police, who found video evidence of the horrifying animal fights. The Scottish SPCA received a tip that Muir was keeping dogs for fighting animals, and his home was searched, where investigators found the three dogs that had multiple injuries from the fights with the wild animals.

Muir used his terrier Pip, lurcher Bella, and bull lurcher Mig to attack wild animals like foxes and badgers. The 25-year-old was even heard laughing in one of the clips where a fox was being torn in two by his dogs. In another clip, two dogs were attacking a fox while a man stamped on the animal’s head.

Last week, Muir pled admitted to keeping or training an animal for fighting animals, being involved in animal fighting, and causing animals unnecessary suffering, according to the Daily Record. He pled guilty to five charges under the animal welfare laws.

Previously the SSPCA had conducted searches at Muir’s residence and found items associated with animal fighting like locator collars and multiple videos. An undercover Scottish SPCA special investigations unit inspector told the Daily Record, “In my line of work, unfortunately I’ve seen many such videos and images but I can categorically say that these are among the worst I’ve ever viewed. In many of them, Muir can be heard encouraging his dogs to attack badgers and foxes while the wild animals scream in pain.”

“In one particularly disturbing video he can be heard laughing as a fox is degloved while still alive and then ripped in half by dogs. In another, a fox is attacked by Bella and Pip while a man stamps on the animal’s head. Again, Muir can be heard laughing throughout the clip,” he continued.

“In addition to these videos there are several images showing dogs with extensive injuries consistent with animal fighting. One dog is shown and the animal’s mouth, nose and lower jaw area are missing and have been ripped away, a type of injury we often see dogs sustain from prolonged fights with badgers.”

Muir’s dog had all sustained injuries from the fights and has missing and broken teeth. Their lips were torn, and they had numerous scars. Muir will be sentenced next month. Animal fighting is never ok and is a cruel form of animal abuse. Those convicted of animal abuse should be prosecuted to the full extent and not allowed to own any animals again.

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This article by Hailey Kanowsky was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 3 May 2022. Lead Image Source : Brezhneva.od/Shutterstock.

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