Mother Squirrel Goes Apartment Hunting in the French Country

Mother Squirrel Goes Apartment Hunting in the French Country

Starting a new life gives that exciting feeling which will push you to create changes. Some people make changes in life by finding a new place to live and collecting memories. For an expecting female squirrel, the first goal on her list is to find the coziest place for her babies. This squirrel was found by residents of an apartment in Paris, and they documented the French squirrel’s daily progress in building her nest.

The squirrel was in her nesting stage when she came upon the apartment. Nesting is a maternal instinct for both humans and animals. This is the stage where mothers ensure that their babies will be protected and nurtured in a safe place.

That explains why the mother squirrel keeps bringing sticks outside the apartment window. Alex’s cat, Biscotte, witnessed how the mama squirrel worked hard to build a nest. Biscotte and her family grew fond of the nest builder outside the apartment — which they named Citron Chataigne. In English, it translates to Lemon-Chestnut.

Every day, Citron Chataigne’s nest becomes bigger — she’s certainly a mother who aims to provide a spacious place for her babies. She checks every corner and detail of the nest, ensuring everything is in perfect position.

Nesting animals also build homes that will protect them from sudden weather changes. The expecting mama searched for strong sticks and twigs from trees across the neighborhood. Aside from bringing twigs as the foundation of the nest, Citron Chataigne also brought leaves for insulation and dried grass for total hygge.

Her babies would grow in a loving environment where they are safe and comfortable. The mother squirrel started her nesting stage on January 28. She planned and built the nest for months to achieve a good home for her kids.

Before she gave birth to her babies, Citron-Chataigne took a rest and spent time with what seemed to be her “husband.” After taking time for herself, on March 30, adorable little squirrels were safely delivered inside the nest. She bore healthy squirrel babies who were all adorable and playful.

Alex, the apartment resident, documented Citron-Chataigne’s journey into motherhood. Videos are uploaded on Biscotte’s TikTok account, which millions of people have viewed and liked. Everyone cheered for Citron-Chataigne, a proud moment for the successful mama.

This article by Ergil Ermeno was first published by The Animal Rescue Site. Lead Image: PHOTO: YOUTUBE/THEDODO.

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