New Species of Macaque Identified in India

New Species of Macaque Identified in India

Macaques are members of Macaca, a geographically widely dispersed and species-rich genus of Old World monkeys in the family Cercopithecidae.

These monkeys are native to Asia and Africa and have the widest distribution of any living non-human primate.

There are over 20 Macaca species ranging from Morocco and Gibraltar in the west to Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Bali, and Sulawesi in the east.

Macaques are characterized by moderately long snouts, high-crowned molar teeth with very low cusps, and long third molars.

They are fruit-eaters, but many consume considerable amounts of seeds, leaves, flowers, and other plant materials, as well as various animal prey.

Lead Image: Sela macaques (Macaca selai). Image credit: Zoological Survey of India.

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