Petition: Demand Authorities Investigate Exotic Animal Dealer’s Network

Petition: Demand Authorities Investigate Exotic Animal Dealer’s Network

Authorities with the U.S. government recently discovered that an exotic animal dealer in the state of Michigan was violating the Endangered Species Act – trying to sell approximately 150 vulnerable, threatened, and endangered animals off to the public for thousands of dollars.

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In one case, the man attempted to sell off an endangered baby ring-tailed lemur for $3,500. In order to do this, he first had to separate the little young one from its mother – prematurely.

Additionally, authorities discovered the man was neglecting the animals he held in captivity, depriving them of proper sanitary conditions and even safe drinking water.

The U.S. government has now ordered him to turn over almost 150 animals currently in his possession, including wallabies, kinkajous, ring-tailed lemurs, prairie dogs, foxes, porcupines, foxes, and ground squirrels.

Authorities have banned him from buying or selling animals, as well as from applying for a license under the Animal Welfare Act. However, that is not good enough. For years, the man ran a corporation based around owning and working with animals. Officials must also investigate whatever network he operated within, that allowed this to happen!

Sign the petition to demand that authorities investigate this exotic animal dealer’s network of wildlife sellers and traffickers!

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This article by Mathew Davis was first published by One Green Planet on 7 September 2023. Image Credit

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