Petition: New Footage of Monkey Labor in Thai Coconut Farms

Petition: New Footage of Monkey Labor in Thai Coconut Farms

New footage uncovered by PETA found that monkeys are still being used for labor in coconut farms in Thailand. The government has repeated that monkeys aren’t being used, despite evidence to the contrary.

A new video shows industry employees sharing how farms hide monkeys during audits or buy monkeys illegally. Half of the coconut farms PETA Asia visited in 2020 were still using monkeys. Farms use contractors and other methods to hide the use of monkeys.

Some audits are planned or announced in advance, which gives farms the opportunity to hide the monkeys. Investigators have also allegedly not told companies they need to stop using monkeys.

Thailand produces about 1.3 million tons of coconut each year. “PETA and every kind consumer looks forward to seeing a Thai coconut industry that leaves monkeys alone,” Jason Baker, PETA’s senior vice-president of international campaigns, said.

According to USA Today, some companies, including Costco, have banned certain brands of coconut milk, including Chaokoh, because of monkey labor. “No kind shopper wants monkeys to be chained up and treated like coconut-picking machines,” PETA President Ingrid Newkirk told USA Today. “Costco made the right call to reject animal exploitation, and PETA is calling on holdouts like Kroger to follow suit.”

PETA lists coconut brands that do not use monkey labor on their website to allow consumers to opt for a more ethical purchase.

Sign this petition to end the use of monkeys to harvest coconuts!

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This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 14 January 2021. Lead Image Source: Tony Myshlyaev/

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