Petition: Protect Animals from Convicted Wildlife Murderers

Petition: Protect Animals from Convicted Wildlife Murderers

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has caused huge decreases in the populations of so many different animals across the United States.

While some people argue that hunting is a form of population control and conservation control, that is usually untrue.

After saving from the brink of extinction in Michigan through various conservation efforts, they were removed from the list.

Soon after, people began hunting them for trophies, and even spreading lies about how dangerous the wolves were to justify and promote hunting them. However, no scientific evidence supports the necessity of hunting wolves.

Even animals that are on the endangered species list are sometimes illegally hunted. Last year, a man in Oregon illegally shot a , the national bird of the United States. It is unclear if the authorities caught the person who committed this crime.

Recently Kurt Johnston Duncan a 56-year-old man in Michigan illegally killed 125 animals, including Bald and wolves.

Some of the other animals include deer, turkey, bears, and bobcats. The Department of Natural Resources detectives said that Kurt Johnston Duncan hunted these animals simply because he“likes to do it.”

Sign this to demand justice and protection for animals by making sure that Duncan can never get a hunting license again.

Let’s get Senator Sanders to draft legislation that would punish wildlife killers and make it illegal for them to hunt ever again!

This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 19 June 2020. Lead Image Source : Punish Man Who Illegally Killed 125 Animals, Including Wolves And Eagles!

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RELANCE ! Punissez l’homme qui a tué illégalement 125 animaux, dont des loups et des aigles! destinataire: sénateur Bernie Sanders 4 083 SUPPORTERS-5000 OBJECTIF Comment le cœur de quelqu’un devient-il si dur qu’il en vient à prendre plaisir à tuer des animaux sans défense? Ajoutez votre nom si vous voulez vous assurer qu’il paie le prix! “Un homme du Michigan a été inculpé de 125 crimes contre la faune sauvage après une enquête de plusieurs mois menée par le ministère des Ressources naturelles. ” Kurt Johnston Duncan, 56 ans, de Pickford, a été interpellé mercredi au 91e tribunal de district… Read more »

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