POLL: Should babies be allowed to buy hunting licenses?

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On November 13, a law went into effect in permitting hunters of any age to carry a weapon while participating in a mentored hunt. Yes, you read that right: any age.

Subsequently, 10 licenses have been sold to children under the age of 1, three licenses were sold to one-year-olds; four were sold to two-year-olds; three were sold to three-year-olds; and four were sold to four-year-olds.

This is insanity, but it is also dangerous and hypocritical. These toddlers have to be accompanied by a licensed hunter, but what are the chances that said hunter might just kill more wildlife using his child’s license?

Let’s be real here: one-year-olds can barely stand up or make eye contact, let alone hold a rifle and wield it with accuracy. Nor should they try.

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The idea of toddlers with a deadly weapon is scary enough, but there’s another aspect to this: so far in 2017, nearly 700 children under the age of 11 have been killed or injured in firearms-related incidents.

In addition, a recent study published in Pediatrics revealed that every year in the U.S. an average of 5,790 children are taken to the emergency room for gun-related injuries, and that about 21 percent of these are unintended.

Why would anyone want to give licenses to toddlers?

The answer is most likely that Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker, and his Republican buddies, are seeking to please part of their base: their pro-sporthunting, pro-gun rights supporters.

Over 11,000 activists have signed a Care2 petition demanding the immediate reversal of the law.

“It’s just crazy (the minimum age) would go below 10,” said Wisconsin Democratic Gary Hebl. “Absolute insanity that we’re talking about giving a kid a gun at any age so they experience the heritage of hunting. The most important factor is safety.”

Democratic Representative Katrina Shankland agreed: “To allow …. a toddler, a two-year-old (to carry a gun), and I’m not being hyperbolic because someone will allow it, is dangerous,” she said. “Other hunters in the woods are not going to choose to get hurt by a child with a rifle.”

In response, Wisconsin Republicans suggested that parents should be the ones to make the decision as to when their kids are mature enough to handle a rifle.

Frighteningly, it turns out that at least 15 other states have no minimum age requirement, as long as the rifle-toting child is supervised by a licensed adult.

This is the law, even though every day in the U.S., 93 people die from gun violence.

As the Care2 petition states,

“If enough of us speak out, we can make a difference – especially if we make sure to let Governor Walker know that we’d rather spend our money in states that take gun safety, wildlife stewardship, and animal compassion seriously.”

Take Action!

If you agree, add your signature and demand an end to Wisconsin’s dangerous decision to eliminate the minimum hunting age.

This article was first published by Care2.com on 02 Dec 2017.

We invite you to share your opinion whether babies should be allowed to buy hunting licenses? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should babies be allowed to buy hunting licenses?

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An Deedee

No no stupid parents

Maria Anna Mavromichalis


Michèle Lebourg


Cat Vincent

Totally ludicrous. Has America got some sort of contagious insanity spreading around??

Thomas Wegner


Eva Passerini

voted: NO

Pauline St.Denis


J Michelle Robertson-Lovett

Hell no

Lindsay Leclair


Evelyn Ball

Doesn’t surprise me coming from a gun crazed country. All kids should be brought to a slaughterhouse and factory farm to see how their “meat” is raised in disgusting crowded buildings and abused in slaughterhouses by worthless human garbage.


Honestly, voting yes is ridiculous, but “don’t know”????? No thought process there at all? I’m thinking many of these “parents” probably want another license to fill! These aren’t hunters!

Karen Crawford

Giving a hunting license to any age of child is disgusting. Children should be taught to love and respect animals not shoot them.. What is happening in the US regarding giving hunting licenses to children is horrible.

David Farrow

This is crass stupidity, children should be taught to love and respect all animals, there are enough grown ups who’s idea of fun is to kill animals without teaching children to follow in their parent’s footsteps!.

Debbie Macmillan
Debbie Macmillan

Beyond ridiculous!!

Caroline Evans

Its bad enough for adults to have guns to kill animals for fun, but certainly not children or any-one under 21

Karen Lacey


Joelle Jojo Mamour Barrier

v non bien sur

Isabelle Fernandès

Le 13 novembre, une loi est entrée en vigueur au Wisconsin, permettant aux chasseurs de tout âge de porter une arme tout en participant à une chasse encadrée. Oui, vous avez bien lu: n’importe quel âge. Par la suite, 10 licences ont été vendues à des enfants de moins de 1 an, trois licences ont été vendues à des enfants d’un an; quatre ont été vendus à des enfants de deux ans; trois ont été vendus à des enfants de trois ans; et quatre ont été vendus à des enfants de quatre ans. C’est de la folie, mais c’est aussi… Read more »

Leigh Lofgren

Are these people losing their minds and who are the idiots bringing in these laws and then getting them passed? Plus, no child should be killing or taught to kill anything and just horrific.

Eleanor P Eleanor

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Martin Luther King Jr.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
— Martin Luther King Jr.
Man is the most dangerous, destructive, selfish, and unethical animal on earth.~ Michael W. Fox

“Man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation.”

Bob Swan

What kind of A-Hole votes yes on something so mindlessly obscene!

Marilyn Ashman

Probably a Trump Redneck!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

hell effing no!!!

teaching a child that taking a life of another being is acceptable…isn’t!!!!

Phyllis Hailey


Michele Jankelow

What absolute horrors is one teaching their children that it is acceptable to kill animals!

Tim Walker

Another ‘sick’ rendition from the Trump regime………….

Chandra Kulupana

Couldn’t vote…Shared only

Juanita Cunningham

Brainless idiot savages how can they allow that