POLL: Should cruel hare coursing be banned in Ireland?

POLL: Should cruel hare coursing be banned in Ireland?

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On Thursday June 23rd, a Bill to ban the vile “sport” of live will be debated in the Dail, the Republic of ’s parliament. The following Thursday – June 30th – the Bill will be voted on. Your support is urgently needed to help persuade Irish politicians to vote for this measure.

If passed the Bill would end the horrific practice whereby wild hares are captured by coursing clubs and forced to run from pairs of greyhounds. Every year thousands of hares are snatched from the countryside, held in captivity for several weeks, and then taken to wire-enclosed fields or racecourses. On each coursing day, every has to run for its life.

Northern Ireland has voted to ban hare coursing, making it the last part of the UK to do so. Photograph: Jon Super/AP

Though muzzled, the dogs can maul the animals, or strike them at high speed, inflicting agonizing injuries. Hares have their bones broken as the dogs crush their bodies or toss them into the air like rag dolls.

Even hares that seemingly escape unscathed, showing no physical signs of injury, can die afterwards of stress-related ailments brought on by the weeks of unnatural captivity and the terror of the contrived chase.

Evidence that muzzling and other pathetic “regulations” fail to protect the hares is overwhelming, as the video footage available at this link and the photograph show:

Hare coursing is already banned in Northern Ireland. The Bill proposed in the Republic of Ireland (a separate jurisdiction) would protect the hare on the remainder of the island of Ireland from one of the worst forms of organized animal ever devised.

The Irish hare is a sub species of the Mountain Hare that is unique to Ireland. Having survived the Ice Age of 10,000 years ago, it finds itself at the mercy of misguided humans who get their kicks from watching it suffer in a cruel contrived chase, a practice that serves no purpose apart from providing a day out for gamblers and greyhound owners.

Hare coursing in Ireland. The events – when dogs are set upon a wild hare – were outlawed in the UK by the Hunting Act of 2004 Rex Features

Many of the greyhounds used for coursing end up abandoned or shot when their running days are over or if they fail to perform to a certain standard: Another reason why hare coursing should be outlawed.

The politicians who will vote on the Bill need to be lobbied, not only from within Ireland but by people everywhere, because the Irish Hare is part of the world’s natural heritage.

We invite you to share your opinion whether cruel hare coursing should be banned in Ireland? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page:

Should cruel hare coursing be banned in Ireland?

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In the event that you voted to ban cruel hare coursing in Ireland, please sign the petition:

Ban horrific Hare Coursing Cruelty in Ireland
SOS: Ireland’s parliament to debate Bill to ban cruel hare coursing!

Thank you for your support.


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Kristine Law

Poor hares, poor greyhounds – and BAN greyhound racing as well..Evil subhumans..

Diane Sonnenberg

Only sick and mean people participate in events like this…

Jim McCarty

cruel, must stop

Brian D

Sport at the cost of life is not sport, it's public cruelty and attended execution.

Jim Duke

What a question—are you serious? Hell YES…bloody cruel and sick "pastime"

Marilyn Leybra

Politicians who will vote on this Bill already proposed to ban this animal torture need to be lobbied? Rather they need to be ostracized, condemned & continued to be exposed by media, etc. if they vote to oppose this Bill. And investigated regarding their link to supporting & catering to a self-interest, minority group responsible for this inexcusable animal torture. The particularly depraved politicians who dont vote to end Rep. of Ireland's barbarism can also ultimately be voted out of office if they're kept in the public eye & continue to be associated w/ how they vote on this issue.… Read more »

Marilyn Ashman

Friggin ""Cruel S.O.Bs"" !!!!!!. When will those ""Heathens"" use each other in place of Animals!!!!!

Susan Frudd

This cruel, brutal and inhumane so called sport should have bben banned years ago, it is beyond words to think they should need to consider a ban, such pain,fear and suffering caused to the hares needs no debate…Ban it for good, these beautiful creatures do no harm and we are seeing less of them so protect them from the vile hunters…….

Nina Stavlund

It's time to evolve and change all old-fashioned rules, laws and attitude. We ARE much better than this, so let's priove it.

Marleen Neus

A lot of people don't give a damn for an animal. They look to an animal as they look to a piece of furniture. Shame on you folks, all of you are AnimalAbusers. Grrrrrrrrr!

Linda Faizey

its wrong on every level. this is not sport, this is animal cruelty.

Sheila Maclean

this kind of cruely belongs in the dark ages. Raise your game and catch up Ireland – there's no place for using wild animals for sport in the 21st century.

Claudine Damidaux

fils de pute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lois Carol Wessels

Shocking Savage uncaring behaviour!

Michele Jankelow

How can this even be debated! Its horror is beyond words. OF COURSE IT SHOULD BE BANNED! No civilized society should endorse such abject cruelty net alone have it as a debatable discussion!