POLL: Should more bear hunting licenses be issued?

NORTHERN MICHIGAN (WPBN/WGTU) – The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is hoping to increase the amount of licenses this year.

Last week, the DNR made the recommendation to increase the quota by 160 licenses throughout the state due to an increase in the population.

The DNR believes there is about 12,000 black bears in Michigan and about 1,500 are harvested each year.

Because the population is increasing, the DNR says they’ve received more nuisances complaints and want to control that.

Florida’s black bears are at the heart of a debate about wildness in the current era. Photograph by Carlton Ward, National Geographic Creative

” We want a health population of bear, we want to keep that natural fear bears have of humans and we have some areas of the state where our bear numbers are affecting our residents, and we don’t want bear to be a nuisance,” said DNR Wildlife Technician Katie Keen.

Keen says they’ve been seeing the most complaints about bears in the northern Lower Peninsula.

The Natural Resource Department is expected to make a decision within the next month.

You can apply for a bear hunting licenses starting May 1.

Read the full recommendation: 339352676-Bear-Regulations

This article was first published by UpNorthLive.com on 15 Feb 2017.

We invite you to share your opinion whether more bear hunting licenses should be issued? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should more bear hunting licenses be issued?

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Editorial Comment: The purpose of this poll is to highlight important wildlife conservation issues and to encourage discussion on ways to stop . By leaving a comment and sharing this post you can help to raise awareness. Thank you for your support.


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No way there is already to many permits out, give out too many and watch the bear population in some states decrease

Peggy Dietrrich
Peggy Dietrrich

I knew this was coming. Just about everything the Michigan DNR puts out on wildlife numbers is lies and propaganda. When I read the article claiming our bear population had increased so much I knew it would be connected to hunting these bears down and killing them. And here we have the request for more license to hunt. Repugs keep giving hunters a break while those who love wildlife get ignored.

Tom Talbot

Yea, sure, let’s murder every freakin’ species and see what a beautiful, awe inspiring world humans are left with. (Just in case it’s not obvious to you, this is sarcasm!)

Rosette Putzeys


Lindsey Anderson




Tilly Shadbolt


Barbara Jordan


Ann Peggy

Snyder up Trump’s REAR promoting more Wildlife KILLING.

Michelle Brooks

No.. Enough, stop killing everything

May Lennox-Milton

No,don’t be stupid,,, No

Donita Rusk


Sandra Faucher

Voted NO!

Bobbi Rosell

They care about nothing except for revenue. Assholes.

Katherine Wimmer


Illona La Trobe


Mena Berckemeyer


Marisol Melgarejo


Jackie Fuchs Tulli

No!!! Aren`t enough animals killed eyery year???

Marilyn Flynn

Absolutely not.

MariLyse Dumas


Cyndi Honeycutt

Only if they are ONLY allowed to hunt with primitive weapons, ya know, give the bears a fighting chance

Patty Taylor


Christine Maurici


Tove Margrethe Damsgaard

No no ni

Rachel Taylor

definatly not

Sandra Peoples


Judy Rees


Christopher Roberson


Wera Meyer

of course not!

Catherine Johnson Wooten

No. Omg

Tom Howe


Karen Bates


Cynthia A Thompson

WTF? Because there is such an abundance of bears in Michigan?? I swear these people are just TOO. STUPID. TO. LOVE.

Stefan Salvatierra


Barney Kelley


Hugh Mobley


Diane Sergiacomi


Dina Obrien


Maria Koehl

Absolutely NO!!!

Evelyne Dompmartin


Peter Deelen
Peter Deelen

This must all be stopt!!!!

While I live 2000 miles west of Michigan, I can tell you that the human population should be protecting their private garbage, rather than complaining about native bears and slavering to kill them. I live within 4 miles of at least four different bears – “Black” bears, Ursus americanus, live in limited ranges, and cannot escape from “hunters” who can easily find and gun them down whenever their deathlust hate-arousal rises up. Urban-wild interfaces require that human residents cease to put out such things as birdfood or open dogfood . Bears are a natural part of healthy natural landscapes, while… Read more »

Verna Dentrey


Max Hanna
Max Hanna

NO – it is sickening now the way these nasty hunters kill the poor bears – bears who are trying to survive and protect their young every day their smaller and smaller environment ! The Mother bear gets killed and the babies die from being on their own! I think it is wrong – the hunters hunt bear just to brag and it is sickening! It is also wrong to allow baiting them with apples and wrong to let them install hidden cameras so they know the habits and areas where the bear go – It is way past time… Read more »


We need less human beings and more bears.

Building a budget off the deaths of our wild animals is amoral and unethical. This is a GREEDy and self entitled white male EGO move.

A pox upon MI DNR for their amoral and unethical philosophy to kill bears to satisfy human male gratuitous violence.

Sarah Elizabeth

Based off the report, overall, this was the way to go. Licenses were decreased in certain areas due to success rates based off previous year and increased in the areas where predadation, nuisance complaints and bear population have risen. Wildlife management, folks.

Do I think that more licenses should be issued? I think the current plan of raising the state’s total 160 increase for the upcoming season is a good strategy. I’d also like to see some additional education put into place, specifically on the nuisance complaints.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

if you want to hunt, build a time machine and go back to the stone age!!!

Liz Wroten


Lyn Merber Jordaan