POLL: Should Nevada’s wild horses be protected from roundups and slaughter?

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Thousands of wild horses are living peacefully on public lands in right now, completely unaware that the government is coming for them soon. They will be rounded up this fall, and their advocates are raising serious concerns that they will be sent to , along with thousands of others.

Tragically, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has failed, and continues to fail, to uphold its duties under the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, which was intended to protect wild horses from “capture, branding, harassment, or death.” It was enacted in 1971, after Congress officially recognized the value of wild horses as “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West.”

Despite that, the agency has continued to remove and warehouse thousands upon thousands of wild horses at the expense of taxpayers – a vast majority of who strongly oppose the agency’s incredibly cruel, wasteful and ongoing mismanagement of these American icons.

Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps

Unfortunately, those who are supposed to uphold the letter and spirit of the law are increasingly beholden to special interests, including livestock and extractive industries, that want to see wild horses exterminated from their rightful place on public lands.

Now, under the Administration, the situation for wild horses could get even worse.

Charlotte Roe, a former science attache and environmental policy officer with the State Department noted in a recent op-ed, that in Nevada alone, the BLM intends to round up nearly 1,000 wild horses “to achieve its absurdly low population target of 60 adults and foals, leaving one horse per 10,000 acres. In the huge Antelope Valley and Triple A Complex, the BLM plans to remove over 7,000 mustangs.”

Sadly, Nevada’s wild horses aren’t the only ones being targeted for upcoming roundups, and their lives are all now in danger.

The House Appropriations Committee recently passed the Stewart Amendment as part of the 2018 budget, which would allow the BLM to kill 92,000 healthy wild horses who are currently in holding, in addition to those who are deemed excess on the range. Some lawmakers did step up to stop this, but they were shut down before their own amendments could go to the floor for a full vote.

Although the situation is looking increasingly dire for wild horses, there’s still hope that Congress will act to protect them from further roundups and slaughter. advocates have continued to oppose any measures that would allow slaughter, and have continued to advocate for these American icons to be humanely managed on the range.


For more updates and ways to help, check out organizations including the American Wild Horse Campaign, Cloud Foundation, Equine Advocates, Wild Horse Education and Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservation.

This article was first published by Care2-com on 18 Sep 2017.

We invite you to share your opinion whether Nevada’s wild horses should be protected from roundups and slaughter? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

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Editorial Comment: The purpose of this poll is to highlight important wildlife conservation issues and to encourage discussion on ways to stop . By leaving a comment and sharing this post you can help to raise awareness. Thank you for your support.


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Cat Vincent
Cat Vincent

What exactly is meant by ‘warehouse’ (Para 3) and 92,000 ‘in holding’ (Para 8) ?


When they say “warehouse” – it refers to the wild horses in the holding pens either short term or long term pens. The 92,000 in holding ? doubtful that is the actual number. But then we wouldnt know – because there is no light shed upon exactly how many ARE in the various holding areas in the west or in other states. We are paying ranchers in other areas to pasture our wild horses. Paying big bucks! When if the horses were actually allowed their own herd management areas with NO CATTLE or SHEEP – the cost would be little… Read more »


The most helpful thing all of us can do at this moment is to write & call our congressmen/women & senators & tell them we do NOT want our wild horses & burros to be slaughtered! AND that we do NOT want horse slaughter plants re-opened in the US!
Rather than comment on Facebook or other social media – contact your representatives who are going to be voting on both of these issues!

Anna Mai Van


Tina Eden

Leave the wild horses and burros alone. Reduce the grazing rights for cattle. We should be eating less meat anyway. The helicopter roundups need to stop right now.

Mark Tomboulian

horses are livestock too. I agree with removing all livestock from public lands.

Marylaine Young

Elk are newcomers at only being in the states for 14,000 years after they followed the wild horses to their millions of years home across the baring strait. It is and has been well agreed by many researchers and findings our wild horses are Very Native and coevolved with all native flora.

Jane Nims

leave the wild horses and burros, remove the livestock

Anita Contarini


Noelene Sanderson

YES!!!! xx

Jane Sawyer

They need to allow the wild horses to coexist with livestock, and the extractive industries. It can be done.

Kerry Victoria

One of the only beautiful things in Nevada are the wild horses, IMHO

Arla Ruggles

(FY: It’s “Triple B” – not Triple A) I was born and raised in rural eastern Nevada, in the greatest wild horse country there is. In the 1970’s we rarely saw a wild horse, because their numbers had been decimated by the “animal food” trade. Gradually, the population has recovered, and people come from far away to view their majestic presence. This contributes to the local tourist-based economy. For one thing, there’s a whole lot of empty land here, that isn’t suitable for much of anything else. People do NOT come to look at cows. I now live on the… Read more »

Arla Ruggles

…. “which has MORE to do with their fear of “animal activists” …

Evelyn Enteman

Instead of removing the wild horses and burros from public lands, remove the livestock owned by ranchers/farmers who pay pennies on the dollar to lease this land. The livestock animals are the ones that do not belong.

Rosa Cortes

Votado si !!

Diana Grein


Alicia Richardson
Sandra Simpson
Sandra Simpson

They are not hurting anything. Lots have studies have shown that to have grazers in a desert promotes vegetation growth!!

Mark Tomboulian

These are an invasive, non-native, and very destructive species. They must be controlled for the overall health of the ecosystem. They are not “wild”, they never have been. They are, indeed, a deep part of our cultural heritage, so allowing small controlled herds to roam is acceptable. But, once again, man introduced this species and therefore has the obligation to occupy the position of top predator, since we have eliminated top predators that might be available, although this continent has not had wild horses or their natural top predators for tens of millions of years. It is ecologically irresponsible to… Read more »

Marylaine Young

You only know a very small part of the wild horse story. We have had wild horses — They have been here pre-man. There are over a dozen found evidence, bone, blood, pictographs, buckles (1000 yr old), — the latest (2017) was a short legged draft like horse toe bone found in the caves of Oregon ( dated 8-14,000). — Wild Horse study and bone testing of gov. archaeologist sites have been prohibited in the last 3 decades. Many professors told to toss it or lose their funding from the meat industry. I want the whole story, not other interests… Read more »

Marylaine Young

Even Merriwether Lewis called the huge herds of horses they encountered “Native”.


they were here in north america until 8000 or so years ago and disappeared and all horses now are feral reintroduced in the 1600’s.Just a tidbit from scientific studies.

Linda Radtke

Of course they should be protected. We take far too much from the wild. Wild should stay Wild!

Mano Haran

Voted yes just now.

Debbie Holiday

Ss already

Lela Gary

What is the point of killing any wildlife in this time , when extinction is progressing at a fast pace to placate the greedy hunters, the thoughtless farmer morons, and their corrupt counterparts in all governments??? The question to ask, is what are the effective strategies to curtail this barbaric onslaught are needed in collaboration with ALL supportive organizations, and start the ball rolling. All else is ineffective, futile, and useless.

Peter McDowell


Angelique Sebban


Rena Andersch

Of course the do and get them bastards.


Leave our wild horses alone!!!

Pierre Jean Palmaro

Signe e partagé cavaliers du Tarn

Pierre Jean Palmaro

Signe e partagé cavaliers du Tarn

Linda Bonicelli

YES! I truly cannot understand why humans feel they have this omnipotent power to decide which species live or die and where they will live or die! Our arrogance will be our downfall and we are paving a bloody path to our own extinction if we do not change our course soon!

Barbara Bobowicz

Yes please!! Beautiful creatures of God.

Janell Morris Cooper

yes !!!

Elaine Insalaco-Dimarsico


Vanessa Black

Well dah…yes.

Kathleen Crabtree


Bunni Merk


Phyllis Rygh

Oh hell yes

Sunshine Mahogany


Jacky Alan Cockram

Shame we don’t round a few humans up and shoot em

Ruth Gregg


Maria Anna Mavromichalis

YES YESAND A BIG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Martin

Yes, wild horses should be protected. While you are at it keep Cliven Bundy away from our federal lands.

Ruth Booth

Yes yes and yes

Francesca Elsa Gagliardi


Susan Vredenburgh Bishop


Blaženka Križan

YES; YES; YES!!!!!!

Irene Broussard


Meeche Miller

These innocent horses should not be rounded up and sold to slaughter houses to die a horrible death and made into dog food – They aren’t hurting anyone or anything roaming wild in the deseret – leave them alone – shame on anyone who thinks these horses should be killed – it is wrong – NO excuse for rounding them up and killing them! I think the BLM should have better things to do rather than be calling around to see who wants to buy these beautiful horses and then torture them to death – the Chinese especially beat them… Read more »

Robyn Bonner


Isabel Silva