POLL: Should the Alberta coyote hunting contest be stopped?

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An annual contest that encourages hunters to kill as many as they can in one day will be going ahead on Saturday, despite threats against the organizer.

The DKD Tournament will be holding its fifth annual competition just outside of Edmonton — the event’s Facebook page says the location of the check-in will be announced the day of.

Teams of two are encouraged to hunt down as many coyotes as possible. Awards are handed out not only for the number caught, but for side categories such as “smallest coyote” and “mangiest coyote.”

Should the Alberta coyote hunting contest be stopped?

The rules specify that coyotes must be hunted: “NO road kills, Poisoned, Trapped, or Snared entries accepted.”

“When we glorify at that level… it leaves a bad taste in most people’s mouths,”

The organizer, Paul, who says he only goes by his first name for his family’s safety as he has received threats, told the Calgary Sun he feels the only reason people are upset is because he called the event a “contest.”

Lesley Sampson, a member of Coyote Watch , says culls like this can actually be harmful to the social structure of coyote packs.

“When we glorify killing at that level … it leaves a bad taste in most people’s mouths,” Sampson told CTV News in advance of last year’s hunt.

Coyote hunting is legal in Alberta, as long as the hunter has permission to do so on the land.

“Guys are out coyotes, no matter what. This is just some friendly competition between teams,” says Paul, in an interview with CBC News.

This article was first published by The on 05 Jan 2016.

We invite you to share your opinion whether the Alberta coyote hunting contest should be stopped? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page:

Should the Alberta coyote hunting contest be stopped?

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Ann Schroeder Williams


Barbara Barnett


Tamara Heikalo
Tamara Heikalo

Gun-trigger obsessed idiots will find any excuse. The best protection of herd animals is a donkey.

Tonia Vassila

My poor babies, so tragic, YES, stop this atrocity

Gwendoline Merrick
Gwendoline Merrick

The ‘yes’, ‘no’ & ‘don’t know’ options are not strong enough responses! Why not a ‘defo’ button too? Goes without saying that this is an appalling ‘sport’ of course!

Cameron McElroy


Darren Matthews

Leaving the page…sick of these polls on killing for the sake of killing…if anyone cannot see this is wrong they are a grade A retard or place no real value on other forms of life

Clive Terry

of course it should be stopped as should all hunting in the uk as well


I’m ashamed to say this goes on in the US too. And for the same reason – livestock industry! The mindset hasnt changed in the past 200-300 years!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

This abomination takes cruel and stupid to a whole new level.


What an utterly disgusting demonstration of man’s cruelty and dominance over defenceless animals. Someone should rip his balls off as he obviously has too much testosterone circulating – subhuman coward!!

Sue Lesmond
Sue Lesmond

The only good hunter is a dead one!




Only in Alberta would you find a contest of this magnitude to kill as many living creatures in one day! Not surprising with all the cattle farms out there. These farmers continually cry about everything, while their cattle adds methane gas by the billions to our planet. They destroy grasslands etc. but we put up with it because of a food supply! Still not enough for the Alberta farmer…they take and take. Disgusting and shameful.

Kathleen Colley

The Canadian government needs to intervene here – a contest to see who can kill as many animals in a timeframe is madness! These animals are integral to the ecosystem of that area and shall become unbalanced if the system is altered. Then there shall be all sorts of problems. Please Canadians, lobby your government to stop this crazy competition!

Tracy Graziano

Check out: "Killing Coyote" – a film about coyote hunting contests in the West. https://youtu.be/TfXPvr8Vkyk

Barbara Wyatt

Dumb question. It should never have started. Period.

Christa Niederreither

100% for stopping this!!!!

Maria Teresa Ronca

until there will be killings of all animals for food and for fun, there will be wars and horrors on this planet.

Myriam Pillon

la chasse spectacle/loisir et autres …. doivent cesses !!!!! stop aux tortures et maltritances !!!!

Jette Guyette

“Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a civilized society. Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed against human beings or against animals, is not the exclusive province of any one culture or community of people. ”

Bruce Goulding

All hunting should be stopped They were here before us. All wildlife is wonderful. I am an avidit Wolf lover and coyotes are from the same type of breed.

Avigael Goory

please stop kill coyote they have the wright to live like us

Ria Montauban

Outlaw it, not simple, but can be done, most people are against it, it is only a minorety of killers, who want to hunt.

Ria Montauban

The sooner they stop it the better, this cannot go on like this, everyone there is trigger happy or has traps, disgustingly cruel people, I dont know, whats wrong with people, always wanting to kill, it is an ego thing, small penis syndrome is one of them, sad story.

Sandy Porter

That's not hunting – that's slaughter.

Beth Riso

Thiis beyond horrible!!!! It's akin murdering dogs……

Natalie Oag

Stop this madness, that selfish, scumbag standing holding a gun with endless fur skins, I hope Karma comes back and hits that man in the heart. What a sad photo, the lives lost and suffering for fur??? Sick man!! I would rather see the fur on the live animals running free and that coward shot with his skin hanging, would the smarmy murdermbe smiling then!!! Ban this barbaric sport!!!

Lisa MacLean

I hope you are ashamed….bastards! Nothing GOOD about killing are human's fucking stupid…..well YES they are braindead. Fuck Alberta and their killing ways….I will never GO THERE! BOYCOTT!

Cathryn Brooks

Disgusting excuses for human beings. Stop it now!!

Nan Warner

Rogue Humans

Sonia Mosetti

Stopped for ever! Yes! Stop! Kill a coyote is not a sport, it is a murder!

Doug Simanton

as a rancher i have seen nothing but wildlife devestation created from to many coyotes through calving and lambing coyotes are as vivacious killers as wolves are i have watched them run antelope and deer until the animals would actually die from running to hard in cold weather i have seen deer herds totally devestated from the killing of fawns in areas pheasant and grouse populations become so low from constant coyote and coon preying on them they cannot sustain thier own population

M Leybra
M Leybra

Doug, this rancher litany is always identical no matter which rancher is speaking. The rancher gets the meat he eats from same place a coyote gets theirs, by killing another animal. Ranchers cry coyotes eat their profits & now ranchers even begrudge a meal of a pheasant or grouse to a coyote. Who like a rancher, must eat to live, tho’ no rancher kills a pheasant or grouse to eat to live. So hates coyotes for eating grouse cause Rancher wants them all cause just prefers shooting grouse to doing farm chores. And tho’ a couple of 35 lb. coyotes… Read more »

Sharon Hopkins
Sharon Hopkins

Well, Doug Simanton, have you never heard of husbandry? Look it up in the dictionary or google it for the meaning. If you want to protect your cattle from wolves and predators, get a couple of llamas to fend off top predators such as wolves and coyotes. They are only doing what nature intended but people who enjoy killing any wildlife for fun and get rewarded for it as sick psychos. Nature controls its own populations . There are far too many humans on the planet, most of them wanting to eat meat, this is why the Amazon rainforest has… Read more »

Robyn Pavitt

96% have voted STOP THE KILLING. When will we be heard?!

Elizabeth Novak

End the killing of coyotes.This has got to stop. It's stupid, crude and unnecessary. It upsets the natural flow of nature. Wildlife isn't ours to kill!!!

Karen L Palmer

The rest of the world must think we are like China, how terribly embarrassing this is. All for what? So a few little men can play shoot me up? Stop all hunting of coyotes, anyone with a brain knows they will balance them selves in the wild.

Aryo Barzan Pirouznia

Stop this!

Deborah Ahern

When will hunting for sport be stopped it's barbaric!! Animals wanrvto live just like us.

Maria Harrison

worth killing??..to the poor coyotes??..everything you do here??..you pay !!..with the lives of your family??..THINK BEFORE YOU DO ???

Rhonda Myers

So, what do you folks suggest to do with the diseased starving coyotes when these hunts are stopped? Are you willing to pay more for your groceries because they are going after livestock/poultry? I would guess not. I do think regulation of the numbers is needed. But, not outlawing hunting completely. This leads to more disease, starvation and, suffering of the animals you strive to save.

M Leybra
M Leybra

Rhonda, if coyotes are already diseased & starving, there is no need to further decimate them. If coyotes are already suffering from disease & starvation no one truly concerned would want to add to, exacerbate their suffering at the hand of man w/ their guns & traps. Unless we’re talking about free-range factory farmed poultry, which doesn’t exist, coyotes don’t have access to poultry & ranchers of livestock prefer killing coyotes & chewing the fat at the local bar with each other, then to practice even the most minimal animal husbandry chores. Allowing births & vulnerable young livestock without any… Read more »

M Leybra
M Leybra

Rhonda, doubtful folks on this page would suggest laying a snare, leg trap or even a bullet for a coyote suffering from a disease or starvation, so question is moot. How can coyotes be starving if dining on ‘so much’ poultry & veal, anyway?

Jenny Jinya

This is fucking disgusting and a disgrace to humanity.

Deborah Brockway

All hunting know matter what you call it should be stopped a contest to kill as many as you can in 1 day is ridiculous I myself do not want to live in a world were there are no animals look what it leaves us wake up people!!!!!

Leo Bongers

If you want to shoot, then shoot pictures with a camera. Much more fun and every animal can be shot more often. Apart from that you can be accepted as a human being.

Aleta Pahl

I think we all need more to do here than just taking a poll. give us some people to call, some organization to maybe donate to, or get behind an injunction to stop this!

Aleta Pahl

at this point.. how can we stop this? It is absolutely disgusting on a moral base and totally harmful to the natural ecosystem. The coyotes need their own team out there to protect them from these butchers.

Ursula Sand

leave the remaining wildlife alone. protect it!

Nora Coyle

we need a lot more than a poll to try to stop this execution

Larry A. Drew

time to start hunting the hunters… its time these cowardly perverts had something at risk besides bragging rights to their equally perverted friends… anaimals have as much right to be protected from cowardly perverts as much as you and I do…

Эллочка Дамоцева

Сдохните Сволочи все, в один день весте с вашими детьми… Твари!!!

Meray Dedeci

You are Very sick EVIL and nothing for this world You name is ANIMAL ABUSER BURNING ON DE HELL