POLL: Should the Dallas Safari Club Auction be stopped?

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The Namibian Cabinet has confirmed that yet another will be killed for an auction in the United States of America. The black will be auctioned during the Dallas Safari Club Annual Convention, which will take place between 9 and 12 January next year.

According to the release, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism obtained a five-year approval from Cabinet to sell five black rhinoceros yearly for . The hunting will be conducted through tender. “The purpose of these sales is to generate money for rhino conservation.”

Rhinoceros in late afternoon, . Credit: Shutterstock

The rhinoceros’ hunts, it further stated, are normally sold to Namibian registered trophy hunting operators, who in turn sell them to foreign hunters. During 2013, two black rhinoceros were sold through the tender process to Namibian companies for N$1,85 million and N$2,1 million, respectively.

All were hunted during the past hunting season, which ended last month. The Dallas auction is said to not only generate money for conservation “but will also promote Namibia as a tourism destination”.

The reserve price for the rhinoceros, estimated to be almost twice the price of this year’s highest bid of N$2,1 million, the release indicated, will be set closer to the auction. During late October, it was reported that a Texan hunting club sought to raise up to US$1 million for endangered black rhinoceros by auctioning off a permit to kill one in Namibia.

“First and foremost, this is about saving the ,” said Ben Carter, executive director of the Dallas Safari Club. Black rhinocerous are internationally considered an and the World Wildlife Fund says about 4 800 are alive in the wild in Africa.

Carter, at the time, said in a statement sent to AFP, the Namibian government “selected” his hunting club to auction a black rhinocerous hunting permit for one of its national parks. Namibia has an annual quota to kill up to five black rhinocerous out of 1 795 animals.

A single permit issued to a US hunter in 2009 to kill a black rhinocerous fetched US$175 000 (about N$1,7 million) for the Namibian Game Products Trust Fund. Tim van Norman, chief of the branch of permits at the FWS said the US government has not yet issued any permit to the Dallas Safari Club to bring a rhinocerous carcass into the country.

“The individual hunter, who is identified as the winner of the auction, would first have to pass certain background checks and the animal chosen for the hunt would have to be approved as being beneficial to the conservation of the species for the US government to allow the trophy inside its borders,” he said.

The (HSUS) described the news of the auction as “disturbing” and vowed to campaign against the issuance of a US permit to return the trophy.

“The world is seeing a concerted effort to preserve the very few black rhinos and other rhinos who are dodging poachers’ bullets and habitat destruction,” said Wayne Pacelle, president of the HSUS.

“The last thing they need are wealthy elites from foreign lands coming in to kill them for their heads.” He also questioned the ethics of wealthy, competitive trophy hunters who say they want to kill an animal in the name of conservation.

“Shooting a black rhino in the wild is about as difficult as shooting a parked car,” he said.

We invite you to vote FOR or AGAINST the stopping of the Dallas Safari Club Auction. Even if you’re not from the US, please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should the Dallas Safari Club Auction be stopped?

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Now that you’ve voted, please sign the petition on the link:

Dallas Safari Club: Stop Auction to Kill Endangered Black Rhino.

Don’t delay! Do it today.

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Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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Louis B. Katz

These wealthy cowardly "hunters" should be stopped from slaughtering all animals. If they really want to kill something, why not kill one another!

Mary Wagner Soos

Seriously? Killing animals to raise money to save said animals? How stupid are you people? This is merely a way to make yourself feel better about what you're doing so you can sleep at night.

Louisa Simpson

Stop killing the animals.

Cathy Gianelli

ALL trophy hunting NEEDS TO STOP

Keiron Howie

poud to be against killing of theses animals so i said yes to stop it thank all that also said yes

Lisa Lobo Zager Daniel

Those rich fat POS'S with their small penis's and big trucks, guns and disgusting lives should be banned from any hunting!!

Rita De Ferrary

The Great White Hunter Must Die.

Diana Berger

All hunting should be banned!!!

Ken Billington

Louise Dickinson, this article was published on 26-12-2013 – you can see the publication date at the top of the article.

Louise Dickinson

what year is this poll ? as far as i am aware this auction happened in 2014 january and it was Corey Knowlton who won the auction , who has killed the Rhino for CNN . If this is not correct and there is another auction this need state when ? and what year ?

Tonia Vassila

Close safaris of all kind, stop killing animals, stop poachers by law enforcement

Jennifer Hiles

Leave africas wildlife alone !!! No more killing

Stephani Wiecz

These hunters should be shot or at the very least jailed. There is NO SUCH THING as hunting a Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe, or the captive Lions. A captive Lion with a tracking collar is not hunted, he is shot. A Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe is impossible to hunt, they have to be able to run away from the hunters and be able to hide. None of these animals can do that. Tell me where any of these animals can successfully hide in the African desert where there is so little vegetation and are not even plants close to their size. Be… Read more »

David Offor

Stupid stupid question, why is the human race so thick, that this question even needs to be asked, my question is, why are people legally allowed and protected in doing it in the first place???
There is nothing civilized or right, in taking pleasure in killing an innocent, might as well shoot your own child and mount it's head on your wall because I see no difference, just a different species, both are innocent, well unless you are Donald trumps kids I guess, then it would be pest control.

Norm Starr

If you consider yourself a brave hunter, go to the Middle East and hunt ISIS. When the hunted shoots back, then we will see just how brave you are.

Sharon Vegann Hall

And "hunters are conservationists" is a load of BS too!!!

Norm Starr

Kill a rhino to support conservation……WHATTA A CROC OF SHIT!!

Camellia Satija

Raise money for worthy causes…and killing of animals is not conservation…it is eco-terrorism.

Shanel Payne

Fucking disgusting. There is no reason to kill a highly endangered species.

Donna Winter

Ban it for life

Glenda Freeland

It is hardly 'hunting' ! Huge slow moving target, unarmed and endangered. It is just the love of killing, foolishly thinking this makes you a real man. Pathetic.

Kimberly Childs

Once the name of the winner of the auction is released, he may regret that decision. Just ask Walter Palmer. I hope he is prepared for the backlash for paying to kill an almost extict beautiful animal. Tell him to save himself the misery and go buy an overpriced/fancy red sports car to feel powerful and viril.

Steve Lovering

Thye are beneath contempt

Monica Bycroft

Stop trophy hunting before it's too late!

Craig Stark

No comment. Go shoot a bison in Yellowstone, at least you save the airfare. Oh sorry, you live in texas, your geography doesnt stretch that far.

Noleen Kutash

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Carla Mohor

I can't believe they got nothing else to do except to turn themselves into killers. Why don't you kill among your own bunch of idiots, why using innocent beings for your own satisfaction? Even worse, you "teach" your kids to participate. COWARDS

Ingrid Clothier

Extinction is forever. !!

Pavel Kondrashov

To anyone rich enough to buy a "licence to kill"… If you want to generate money for conservation then DONATE THAT MONEY.
Just image how the golden plate with the sum of a donation and your name on it will be looking on your wall instead of a rhino's head.

Shirley Pinkie Freeman

WTF is going on saying its for conservation NO its for greedy too rich people that need to look like big men.they are scum …put a price on their heads & hunt them…this is just not right these are endangered animals..

Bea Kraft

stop this madness

Lois Lippold

this is not the time to kill an andangered animal for sport or money!!

Kathryn Giallonardo

Sick bastards. Stop this now

Kim Thompson

Too much money, no brains or compassion

Eric Downer

These wealthy "Hunters" are successful business men, who are used to getting whatever they want, for whatever price. As in business, they will manipulate to gain advantage, and will accept nothing less than "the final word" in any dealings. They don't give a damn about Conservation, and are solely focused on putting Trophy heads on their walls.

Abhijeet Kulkarni

Africa is selling off its wildlife. Enough of pointing fingers at outsiders. African leaders are the ones allowing this.

Tracey Dunn Williamson

Trophy hunters- the "privileged poachers," continue to promote other poaching and further the corruption of governments that live in regions the wildlife do. No one owns the wildlife, but those who live where they do claim lordship over them to exploit them for money. This is made legal by corrupt men. Legal never means moral, and this certainly is not. Elite, slobs of men, trying to feel powerful by killing animals with high powered weapons. I'm sorry- WHO CANNOT do that ???? By allowing trophy hunting, value of the wrong kind is put on these animals . We are only… Read more »

Alexander Roberts

Petitioning President of the United States
Ban Trophy hunting Americans from travelling overseas to kill endangered species.

Alexander Roberts

Petitioning President of the United States
Justice For Cecil: Help Fight Trophy Hunting!

Ilana Buch-Akoundi

Namibia is using lazy tactics to raise money. It's harder work to get money ethically, however as a nation they should be ashamed they can't be more forward thinking like Botswana. Yes, it is possible to be ethical.

Alexander Roberts

Most American Congressmen are past their prime breeding age.
Just saying.

Alexander Roberts


Cathryn Levvey

How can killing an endangered animal help to conserve it. And we all know this money gained does not go into conservation but into the wealthy hip pockets.

Lesley 'Strover' Griffey

Keep the flipping Yanks in the USA where they belong!!! Not in other countries killing endagered species for money!!!

Maya Oosterhoff

there is NO money going to conservation at all. It goes to the deep pockets of very specific persons. And what will there remain to conserve when you first murder it?

Tim Baily

Legal hunting is not the problem if the licence fee is correctly used to protect the species. The main problem is illegal poaching for monetary gain by greedy evil humans especially the middle men who should get life imprisonment for their dreadful crimes. I don’t agree 100% with hunting an endangered species like Rhino and Elephant but the money will help protect them. I love wild life and in my younger days had the pleasure of being chased up a tree taking a photo of a black Rhino while living in Kenya. I used to hunt but gave up a… Read more »

Gilli Sleigh

I agree SO strongly till you bring god into it.

Rena Andersch

never heard such bollocks. Twisted minds, hypocrites, corrupt and psychopath that is what they are.