Oct 252013

Wolves are being killed to protect both the Woodlands Caribou and the Mountain Caribou when in both instances they are not to be blamed.

The reason for the declining numbers of wolves is the environmental disturbances caused by: Mountain Caribou. Logging, Loss of habitat, roads that make access easy for predators and human entertainment of snowmobiling and skiing.

The proud hunt and smiles of Wolf hunters. Picture from http://www.skinnymoose.com

Woodlands Caribou. Poisoning of the environment by the Tar Sands mining project. Loss of habitat resulting from the tar sands mining project. Shortage of food and logging. Killing wolves is not a solution to the problem. Therefore the wolves die for no reason other than being the blame boy for the Tar Sands Mining project.

Help us stop the wanton killing of wolves now and send the Ministry of BC a clear message that their environmental policies must be in line with the protection of the environment. The unnecessary killing of wolves must stop immediately.

We invite you to vote to help stop this unnecessary wolf slaughter in British Columbia. Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should the slaughter of wolves in British Columbia be banned?

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Now that you’ve voted, please sign the petition:

Stop the killing of wolves to protect Mountain- and Woodland Caribou in British Columbia.

Don’t delay! Do it today.

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Mira Eleonora Pantazopol Iordanescu

The slaughter of ALL wild animals MUST end. Period.

Virginia Harris

Yes stop the awful slaughter

Sandy Warren

How awful.

Charlene Krist Klauck


Sheila Tutt

Yes it should

Linda Ciccozzi

Alexander Roberts and apologies….yes is my answer.

Oriana Scapeccia

Absolutely yes!

Ann Bennett

Yes, beautiful creatures

Alexander Roberts

Correct answer is YES – read the question.

Alexander Roberts

Yes (94%, 7,642 Votes)

Bill Nussbaum

Ban all these terrible hunts !!!!!!

Pépéloup Gégé

VOTER OUI au loup NON aux chasseurs

Kieran McCarthy

That’s nasty looking wally boy

Pat Webb


Chris O

This is such a crime or should be. These animals have such tight family groups, care for their young communally, have a social order, etc. I just hate to see this.

Wally Mcdonald

Stupid question I’m blocking this ridiculous site

Kamal Kishore Srivastava

Is it a question to be asked? The carnage of valuable wildlife is not only disrupting the eco-balance, wiping out the precious gene pool as well.

Kim Barrington


Christine Townsend


Wally Mcdonald


Margaret McLennan

Mindless losers.

Terry Lazar

Oh, no. Those beautiful wolves.

Marty Menzies

The question is leading and asking for an answer. That’s a leading poll question looking for an answer predetermined by the pollster which makes the poll useless regardless of what one thinks.

Vanessa Black

Hell yes…

Joyce Barnes

The killing of any life should stop.

Lisa Mcdonald

Of course it should! Its just wrong!!!

Gaye Horn


Wally Mcdonald


Angela Hannington

I hate trophy hunters.

Anna Milligan

Yes.YES. yes.YES. Hopefully that message is clear.

Pat Robinson


Jenny Grinstead


Wally Mcdonald


Janet DeWitt Hubler

Stop the killing of wolves, they are here, just the same as you.

Patricia Tucker


Dixie Shelton

Absolutely yes

Colleen Ceilegobragh

stop killing ALL animals. We need them and they need us

Broxi Thomas


Pamela Bass

Man has over populated the earth.
Time to start hunting humans for sport..

Lela Gary

Absolutely. But, will the BC government give a damn about this poll?

Lela Gary

Is there rhyme or reason for this destruction of wildlife?
Of course there is, and that is an absolutely Visionless and corrupt Government officials exposing their wholesome FOLLY!.

Doreen Blacknick


Linda French


Wally Mcdonald


Andrei Hanches

We’ve persecuted wolves for thousands of years.Our attitude towards the most beautiful european predator must end.

stuart jones


Lindsay Leclair

Yes no need for the cruelty


wolves are dying and we need to save them before all of man kind kills them off for good.

Queen Sonja Desjarlais

my family habe always hunted and trapped in the north peace harvesting predators is a must to keep the balance.

Queen Sonja Desjarlais

heck no! the number of wolves are so hi that they are depleted our moose, elk, and deer numbers its crazy. my family depends on wild meat.

Anjela Mukherjee

why we alsways have to sign these petitions to stop these brutal activities? people should have some feelings from their heart to protect these lovely creature, not kill them. government should also be active to stop all these.

Rivard Caroline

Ban killing of wolves in BC!

April Daniels

Just dogs, please stop this…

Lumina Gauthier

Just STOP killing everything!!!!!! Why is man such a murderer?