POLL: Should the wind turbine farm project in Eilot be stopped?

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The region in Israel is a bottleneck for passing from Europe and Asia to Africa. Each spring half a billion birds pass through this region on the return journey to their breeding grounds in Europe and Asia.

Many of these birds are and most face dwindling populations due to habitat loss, illegal hunting, poisoning and now wind turbines.

When flying the birds cannot see the massive blades of the wind turbines and each year thousands of birds are killed by wind turbines, eagles, kites and buzzards being especially hard hit.

Photo: Greg Latza

Now a private company is planning to build a series of massive wind turbines in the middle of the world’s busiest route.

They have the potential to kill millions of birds and even wipe out species like the Levant Sparrowhawk whose entire population moves through this area every spring. This madness needs to be stopped NOW!

We invite you to share your opinion whether the wind turbine farm project in Eilot should be stopped? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page:

Should the wind turbine farm project in Eilot be stopped?

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In the event that you voted to stop the wind turbine farm in Eilot, please sign the petition:

Save Europes’ Migratory Birds – Stop the Wind Turbine Farm in Eilot NOW!

Thanks for your support.


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Marcos Vandenkerckhove

La energía eólica reduce la contaminación. Pero reduce también la avifauna…

Leigh Lofgren

I hate these things and every single one of them around the world should be removed.

Helen Wood

All windfarms should be stopped. They are devastating to wildlife.

Ken Billington

Hi Theresa, at the bottom of the article is a link to a petition. If you check out the link you'll find the letter, which will be sent to EDF ENERGIES ISRAEL. Please support this initiative by signing the petition. Thanks for your support.

Theresa Kemp

Are these polls just to literally see what people think or are they going to actually do something to help said subjects?

Also, as an aside, how many times must I click 'do not show again' for the newsletter request to stop popping up. I get the newsletter!