POLL: Should the wolf cull in Ontario be stopped?

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As all controversial government announcements are released when no one is watching, so too was the announcement by the Wynne govt. to begin a in Northern .

Posted on Ontario’s Environmental Bill of Rights Registry on December 17, the Ontario govt. is proposing to remove the previous requirements for hunters to purchase a special hunting ‘seal’ to kill and remove the restriction to kill only one wolf per season.

This wolf cull is not the same as the wolf culls of British Columbia, where sharp shooters in helicopters chase and exhaust wolves and then gun them down.

This cull is much worse.

In Ontario the Wynne govt. will allow any hunter holding a small game hunting license to kill two wolves per season and remove all restrictions on the killing of .

To put this in perspective, in 2010 Ontario sold over 28,000 small game licenses. When sold as a three year small game license, this number swells to over 100,000 small game hunters. If this proposal is approved, each small game hunter can kill two wolves per season and as many coyotes as desired.

Unlike targeted culls where a specific number of wolves are killed, the Ontario cull allows for thousands of wolves to be killed each year.

Why? Because the moose population is rapidly declining in Ontario.

Rather than close the sport hunting of moose and calves, (yes one can still kill a moose calf in Ontario) and, or, protect moose habitat from intensive forestry and forestry applied herbicides that wither young seedlings eaten by moose during the winter months, it is simply easier to kill wolves and coyotes.

This cull was predicted by Peaceful Parks last year when the Ontario govt. first announced its ‘moose project’.

There is no reason to kill wolves or coyotes except out of hatred or for luxury fur products and we fear for their safety.

Here are a few sample comments from hunters who posted on the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters’ facebook page.

Cody Perry Change the price of a moose tag to “one wolf pelt”. Eliminate limit on wolf hunt. Let the guys who shoot wolves and trade them for moose tags sell the tag for whatever price they can get. Cheapest bounty system for the tax payer, reduces moose harvest substantially, eliminates the draw, makes hunting wolves a feasible way to make a living, helps bring wolf population down to a sustainable level.

Chris Robinson get rid of cow and calf hunting … problem solved … I’m from the Yukon and the population is 2 to 1 moose to people … we never took a cow or calf … one bull a year and yeah there is less people than Ontario but there is also less area and more predators.

Joshua Booth The plan should include entirely eliminating cow and calf hunting and allowing residents to shoot as many wolves and coyotes as they like.

Unfortunately, the timing of the posting makes it impossible to reach anyone at the Ministry for more details and the closing date for this proposal is Jan. 18, 2016.

Here is the direct link to the EBR Notice: EBR # 012-6073

We invite you to share your opinion whether the wolf cull in Ontario should be stopped? Please vote and leave your comments at the bottom of this page:

Should the wolf cull in Ontario be stopped?

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In the event that you voted to stop the wolf cull in Ontario, please sign the petition:

Stop the Ontario Wolf and Coyote Cull

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Margaret Hall

Leave the Wolves alone

Lyndall Caesar

I'm Australian have been following this Wolf distruction for 4 years now. Quite frankly I'm disgusted at the way you treat your wild animals. It appears Money and Power are more important than your Wolves Extinction.

Lyndall Caesar

The scientists have done the Study's and PROVED its not Wolves causing the decline in caribou. These people don't want to know!!! Or their too Stupid to understand the Reality because it doesn't fit into what they want. No thanks to the propaganda either, that is not helping. Meanwhile the wildlife is decimated past the point of no return.
The WISE don't habituate this group of Zoosadism & Macho Domination HUNTERS.

Mary O'Toole-Dwyer

Stop killing our beautiful Wolves, if this keeps up there will be none left and THAT is unacceptable. Our wildlife is getting smaller and smaller because of greedy hunters that want to have trophy's for their stupid walls and to prove their manhood and some of these killers are female. They have no heart and are sadistic morons.

Hagop Jarchafjian

If the owner of this article see the comments please correct my vote to "YES" I didn't understand the question and accidentally voted no. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Michele Jankelow

Absolutely tragic! How these people can live with themselves killing like this is beyond comprehension!

Myriam Pillon

stop au massacre des loup qui ont le droit de vivre !!!!!

Carolyn Baggoo

I can't tell you how much I am discusted with our government for initiating this cruel and unnecessary cull. It is barbaric slaughter of wildlife.

Andrew Zollman

Why do you omit the animals (besides dogs) we unnecessarily abuse for "food?" And why do only animals who can "help" mankind deserve your compassion? We can thrive on plant-based diets. One person who chooses to continue to consume meat, dairy, and eggs directly supports cruelty to and killing of 100 animals (not even counting sea animals) each year. If you do really care about animals, please consider changing to a plant-based/vegan diet.

Animal agriculture is also a leading cause of pollution and environmental destruction — which affects us all.


Georgia Neal

Stop the killing its wrong God please help us save your wildlife fr this disgusting slaughter on going in Canada!!!!!!!!!!

Ricardo Lima Cattani


Moti Haviv

שתמותו כול הציידים אמן.שימותו הילדים שלכם אמן.f u big time.

Charmaine Shannon

Every "LIFE" Matters !! These Wolves have the Right to live without being "KILLED" for a person's so-called "Hunting Pleasure" !!!! We DO NOT Have the Right to DO AS WE PLEASE and Continue to Destroy these Majestic Creatures, their Pups and their Habitat just because WE CAN !!!!!! "HUMANS" are the Ones who need Stopped ASAP ……

Chris Naven Pearce

We do NOT need wolf hunting in Ontario. I am fed up with hunters deciding what wildlife gets to live or die. What about the wishes of the vast part of the taxpaying population who don't hunt and want OUR collective wildlife preserved. I didn't vote to have wolves or any other animal decimated by the greedy few who like to kill with no thought for anyone other than themselves!

Ramona Agin

Leave the bloody wolve and coyotes alone and shoot each other. Much more sport. Seriously. These animals are already endangered.

Joan Dabulewicz

Stop this "open season" on wild life. If culling is essential because of very valid reasons, then use the proper personnel to do this. It really does show humans for underhanded creepy creatures that we unfortunately are.

Marie-Noelle Giroux

This is absolutely disgusting that some human beings think they have the superiority to destroy and kill the beautiful, peaceful and rich nature and wildlife. It is completely outrageous; don't we all want to be part of nature, be one with it treat it with respect and protect it's dignity?? We need to protect what is left of nature and wildlife, already ENOUGH has been done to it. I had the privilege of being able to observe some wildlife during some hiking trips and it is and incredible experience. Wolves have the right to live as much as we, or… Read more »

Wendy Casey

Please let the wolves run free.

Merle Ann Loman

Stop the killing of our beautiful and important wildlife.

Susan Frudd

The wolves must be left alone and no cull ever imposed, they have been previously almost hunted to extinction. The barbaric methods used are a shame on such countries like Canada purely for money…..they never need much of a excuse to kill………..

Paris Navarro


Hanne Glem

Stop the killings, any animal was Born with same Rights to be on this Earth as human.. We just Think we can take it away, but we cant.. Same Day somebody Will take you away like you did with all the beutiful animals

Jamma Kansas

Watch this Canadian produced documentary about the wolf the best doc ever I dare ranchers, hunters, Kathleen Wynne and Rachel Notley to watch this very powerful Death of a Legend

Jamma Kansas
Linda French

Humans vs wildlife= Animals always lose. We are turning into a species that kill everything. Wildlife kill for survival/food only – not for sport, or for fun!
Ontario – what the hell are you doing – wolfs, bears, what is next?

Ella B Bartlett

You"ve Nailed This ,

Ella B Bartlett

You"ve Nailed This , THANK- YOU

Donna May Robinson

Stop killing our animals

Gail Parker

Yes it should be stopped, the killing of wolves!

Barbara Blackwood

Stop hunting our wildlife. Science has proven they are needed in nature over and over.

Joyce Kennedy

The wolves were here long before man, this is their land, stop the killing of these beautiful animals of God!

Julius Sandor

Ontario is trying to be both eco toursium friendly and trophy hunter friendly. This is madness. Wolves are the most persecuted animals on the planet and have been for hundreds of years. Leave them alone, nature does not need "goverenments" to manage whildlife if humans just stopped trapping, hounding and shooting everything what lives in the forest they would survive just as they have for thousands of years.

Gail Calhoun

Animals every where in the world deserve respect and they are not receiving their due from the human race. People are the problem. Elephants and others-tigers, all — abused and left to live with illness and horrible conditions in Circuses, wild life shot for trophies. Now the wolf is a trophy animal for these people. A animal human society has benefited greatly from—-the dog- is cooked alive with blow torches and skinned alive in Asia. All of these abuses are avoidable and unnecessary. It does say so much about the human race. All of this abuse has to stop. I… Read more »

Mary Alice Moonflower Pollard

There is no other animal on this planet that does to it's own kind and others, that which the human animal does -Mary Alice-

Jill Callahan

STOP THE HUMAN SPECIES FROM TRYING TO ELIMINATE ALL OTHER SPECIES!!! The Humans are who need to be stopped OR there needs to be a cull to Rid our society of all the Hunters and those who believe they can kill our wildlife!!!!

Mil Allison

It is ridiculous to think that we know better than "Mother Nature". and we all know these culls are financially motivated , but sleasily covered with concerns re other wildlife species. Please defer to the natural way of life-not the financial

Keith Knight

They share this planet with us….they deserve respect and not the treatment humans give them.

Carly Chichester

the ONLY species on this planet that needs to be "stopped" is the human species. We have circumvented EVERY known, natural birth control method, and implemented test tube breeding, surrogacies, grandmothers giving birth to their own grandchildren, cloning won't be TOO far behind……good Christ, we are thinking of a million different ways to increase an already out-of-control human population and then complain about OTHER species being "problematic" in every way we can. WE have destroyed their habitat that they need for food, shelter and breeding, whether land or sea. Yet in our elitist arrogance, we demand MORE space, more resources… Read more »

Tara Quinn

Definitely stop killing these beautiful animals how about culling the hunters

Billy Angus


JAG Nature Photography
JAG Nature Photography


Sandra Faucher


Kathryn Laporte

@kathleen Wynn gov’t

Kathryn Laporte

Summer gov’t at work again!

Sonie Singh

Yes and yes!

Salvatore J. Cento


Lisa Danko

Let nature reach a new natural balance and keep the hunters out of the equation!

Leigh Lofgren

This MUST be stopped and why can't we leave the wildlife alone? All these killers are just that and must be banned.

Tracy Graziano

Are you kidding? Killing predators to save the prey species? Nothing could be more antiquated thinking! I wholeheartedly agree: if you want to increase the moose population, improve habitat and stop shooting cows and calves.

louise clayton

Signed and retweeted