POLL: Should wildlife hunting contests be permitted in Idaho?

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U.S. land managers approved a recreation permit on Thursday allowing a controversial contest open to children to take place on public lands in , where contestants will seek to kill the most and other wildlife for cash and prizes.

The hunting group Idaho for Wildlife requested the permit for the so-called predator derby to take place each January for five years on millions of acres (hectares) overseen by the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in east central Idaho near Salmon.

Conservation groups including the Center for Biological Diversity immediately filed suit on Thursday, asking a judge to block the hunt, citing an inadequate review of its environmental impact.


In granting the permit, the BLM found the event posed “no significant conflicts” in its management of natural resources.

“We are aware of the social controversy regarding the event,” Joe Kraayenbrink, BLM district manager in Idaho Falls, said in a statement. “However, from our analysis, we could not find significant conflicts with other environmental resources that would prohibit the competitive event from occurring.”


Approval of the hunt comes as animal-rights advocates mark an increase in such competitions in Western states including Oregon, New Mexico and California, where wildlife commissioners in December will vote on a proposal to ban such events.

The competition, which targets wolves, coyotes and other quarry and is expected to draw up to 500 hunters annually, is opposed by conservationists as a “killing contest.”

The contest also invites children as young as 10 to pair with an adult to kill animals including jackrabbits, starlings, skunks and weasels for an event promoted as a form of family recreation.

The BLM had earlier received tens of thousands of letters criticizing the event during a public comment period, and fewer than 20 favoring it.

“The BLM abdicated its responsibility as steward of our public lands. A cruel and dangerous killing contest has no place on lands held in trust for all Americans,” said Bethany Cotton, wildlife program director for WildEarth Guardians.

Steve Adler, head of Idaho for Wildlife, could not immediately be reached for comment but has previously said critics were seeking to restrict gun rights spelled out in the U.S. constitution and tarnish a decades-old hunting tradition in the American West.

“We’re stereotyped as a bunch of Idaho rednecks out to kill as many animals as we can,” he told Reuters last month.


We invite you to give your opinion whether wildlife hunting contests should be permitted in Idaho? Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should wildlife hunting contests be permitted in Idaho?

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This article was first published by Oceans-Campus.com on 14 Nov 2014.

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Larry Gordin
Larry Gordin

“Sport hunting’ is a sickness, a perversion and a danger and should be recognized as such. People who get their amusement from hunting and killing defenseless animals can only be suffering from a mental disorder. In a world with boundless opportunities for amusement, it’s detestable that anyone would choose to get thrills from killing others who ask for nothing from life but the chance to remain alive.” – Sir Roger Moore (seven times James Bond). Regarding animal killing contests and trophy hunting: Humans are the species that is drastically overpopulating and destroying the planet. How about a killing contest of… Read more »






Devastating, abhorrent



Leigh Lofgren

Absolutely horrific that they would ever consider this and must be stopped and banned forever. What is wrong with these people, as they truly are very ill.




NO, NO ,nowhere.





Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Hell no no no!

M Leybra
M Leybra

American wildlife’s, (not to mention all nations) only lot in life is to be tormented & killed. Hunted, trapped, poisoned, culled, killed in every uncaring, disrespectful way imaginable. This is how wildlife lives in America, 24/7 from the times of bounties on their heads to newly devised killing ‘contests’ today. And when they reach the point of no return, they’re kidnapped to be re-introduced & ‘protected’ by Govt. for the one time in their existence, until they re-multiply enough to be tormented again. It will end. While sport hunters now shoot dwindling wild prairie dog populations in America for target… Read more »


And we (humans) are doing a fantastic job of filling up the land and ocean with our waste – dung & garbage. How anyone can look at, for instance, pictures of the garbage left behind when the “nature lovers” leave our parks & preserves and not wonder why littering (which is what it is) is not punished in these and ALL areas – boggles the mind.


Sorry – obviously the slaughter (which is what these “contests” are) is wiping out species all over this planet – my point, I guess, is the mindset is no different than thinking its ok to throw away EVERYTHING – including other species. As if THEIR habitat isnt as important as ours. But we are killing animals in this manner, too.

Rina Schenker

I hope that KARMA take revenge,on those how did this. Sche is a bitch, what goes around come around !!!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Heartless, twisted, sadistic futhamukkaz hunters are

Lynda Evans

Can humans get any sicker .I despair of the human race .What God given right have we to destroy ,abuse,torture another living being as well as destroying their habitat & then blame them for looking for somewhere else to

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

And we dare to consider our species superior. Sick

Daniela Maule

no grazie

Els Dalhuisen


Fay Wald

You will have to answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are being watched. your soul is ugly.

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

They are soulless losers

Lucinda Knowlton

If I could afford it I'd be going to Idaho and burning down the homes and businesses of every person that organizes and donates prizes to every one of those evil contests!

Stacey Rogers

Steve Adler, head of Idaho for Wildlife, said “We’re stereotyped as a bunch of Idaho rednecks out to kill as many animals as we can,” to Reuters last month.

Well, YEAH!!! Isn't that what a contest is? To kill as many animals as you can? Don't get offended when someone points out the obvious about your bloodlust!

Lyn Neglia

SHAMEFUL & PITIFUL that these scumbag's killings are legal and condoned in AMERICA!!!!!

Daniela Harth

Just naming a hunt "contest" is the most immoral and inhumane thing to do and has absolutely NOTHING to do with conservation. It just shows that killing animals for fun and trying to make their d***s look larger is the real reason.

Sylvia Gonzalez

let wolf alone

Marianne Gonidec

Je maudits tout les chasseurs de ce bas MONDE
vous êtes des crétins minables faibles comme personnes
soyez maudits par DIEU avant moi et tout les défenseurs d'animaux

Marianne Gonidec

Nonnnn à cette chasse qui est vraiment atrocement horribles abominables barbares
En plus vous incité des enfants
C'est vraiment malheureux inhumains

Lia Cesario

Só much evil animal. No Word. I do not tunderstand why? Let'ts stop, Let'ts think a noite ou actions. Let'ts preserve the animal, mostly wolves. We lote tem all. The most beautiful and intelligent animals there. I love the wolves.

Susie Johnson

When will America stop it's obsession with hunting? Perhaps only when there is nothing left!

Pamela Frost

We all have the power, to let these creatures live, or to destroy them, . and you choose to kill, you sad people, . now who wants to be a Wolf,or a coyote, or maybe a Lion in your next life, . Karma. Wake up .

Cat Huguet

C est ignoble et aucune conscience!!! Qu on leurs face la même chose !!

Billy Angus

Trophy hunters and trappers are to be condemned
as enemies to our nation and our planet!!
They are panderers to ISIS and We, The People,
have a duty to keep our nation and our planet
from falling to the clutches of these satanic
redneck cowards!!
For too long, our sacred wolves and wildlife have
become fallen victim to these lowlife, redneck white-trash,
camo-clad, treasonous scum, and it's time for our nation and the rest
of the planet Earth, to rise up in a full-scale revolution against
these forces of evil, and engage the enemy in combat!!

Billy Angus

We need to form a strong and well-trained army….
Since these heartless killing cowards have
started a new civil war, it is our patriotic duty
to finish it by rendering all trophy hunters, trappers,
and their government henchmen to extinction.

Billy Angus

Because of Idaho's crimes against Nature and high treason against the United States, it shall no longer be recognized as the 43rd state in this country and therefore, the American flag shall have fewer stars than the present-day 50. The heartless, ruthless, redneck barbarians started this new civil war and it's our patriotic duty to finish it by sending the state of Idaho, its state government, and their bloodthirsty Aryan redneck wildlife-hating culture to an agonizing and painful defeat!! Beloved like-minds, it's time to impose severe economic and political sanctions against Idaho, forcibly remove Gov. Otter and his henchmen from… Read more »

Jackie Gray

Hunting is a cruel and vile sport or occupation. Of course it should be banned. The sooner the better.

Billy Angus

I totally agree with you.
They have blasphemed His Holy Name
and they shall pay the ultimate price when
their earthly days are done.

Billy Angus

You have my support in this noble battle…
Death to all the redneck trophy hunters and trappers!!

Billy Angus

We need to overthrow the Otter administration and
topple the USFWS (and other rogue bureaucracies),
since he's the mastermind of the crimes against Nature
and high treason against the United States.

Billy Angus


Barbara Elliott

KARMA is coming to all of the wrong doers……WRONG DOERS (you) can run but you can NOT HIDE…..get ready to take it up your asses….you brought it on yourselves….so screw the idiot hunters.

Cary Krais

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot is wrong with freakin' Idaho? Have they all got potatoes as heads? There is absolutely NO REASON ON GOD's GREEN EARTH TO HOLD HUNTING CONTESTS!
Get a freaking grip IDAHO!

Shirley Davis

No, nope, never, nu, permits shall not be allowed in Idaho and any state for that matter!

Gary Austin Workshops

My sister and husband have moved to Idaho and will fight you bastards close up. I will fight you from a distance. You will lose, you redneck assholes.

David Crookston

I doubt this is what God had in mind when He put us in charge.

Carol Tollefsen

This is all horrific, but the pictures of the wolves broke my heart. Hunters in Idaho must be stopped!!

Debbie Dakin


Tiffany Daugherty Hollowell

No It Should NOT Be Allowed!!

Ellie Roo

How can anyone think it is a right thing to do upon seeing all those lifeless bodies hanging there for what ?? A momentary kill thrill How very very wrong and sick is that ….

Donna Minion Olsen Lober

Only TRASHY people would make a game out of killing!!

Laura Lambert

This has gone way to far. Leave these poor animals alone. They are trying to live their lives just as humans are. Only difference they have to hunt to eat, people don't. How would man like to be hunted down then shot.

Paula Carlson

Should be banned everywhere. Question; what have these animals done to you? This is cruel, inhumane, and it is the ultimate animal abuse. Shame on you BLM.

Samira Vismavie

j'espère qu'ils vont le payer très cher !

Samira Vismavie

des monstres, qu'ils aillent au diable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!