Porcupine Family Defends Themselves Against Leopard

Porcupine Family Defends Themselves Against Leopard

Earlier this year, a tour guide in South Africa’s Kruger National Park witnessed an amazing reminder of how amazing and diverse this world is. Mfundo Nyambi was leading a safari expedition when the group witnessed an amazing display of bravery by a porcupine family. Mfundo had heard a leopard had been spotted in the area. So, the safari expedition headed out in an attempt to spot the creature.

After driving around for a while, the group had not spotted the leopard. So, they parked the vehicle and prepared to walk around.

Then, they heard a bellow from a nearby culvert. A family of porcupines emerged, followed by the leopard. The group quickly retreated to the safety of the vehicle, where they could observe without endangering themselves or the animals.

They then witnessed the two parent porcupines defend their young from the leopard. The parents would turn their backs on the leopard each time it prepared to pounce.

This action exposed their spines, meaning that the leopard would impale itself if it tried to attack.

Eventually, the leopard gave up and left in search of less spiny prey. The safari group continued on their way, as did the porcupine family.

Remember, while viewing wildlife is an amazing experience, humans should never harass or place unnecessary stress on wild animals.

These amazing creatures do not exist for entertainment. Always maintain distance, and do not try to interact with wild animals. Before going on safari, or visiting wildlife parks, be sure to research whether animals are allowed to exist in a natural state.

Never Support parks, sanctuaries, wildlife parks, or rescues that do not provide for animals’ basic needs or force them to behave in unnatural ways.

Take a stand against unethical wildlife parks by signing this petition to ask TripAdvisor to warn tourists about animal cruelty!

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This article by Willow Lynn was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 15 July 2023. 

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