Rescued Baby Flying Fox is Pampered Before His Release Back Into the Wild

Rescued Baby Flying Fox is Pampered Before His Release Back Into the Wild

This baby bat named Halloumi was found still alive on his electrocuted mom. Although sadly she couldn’t be saved, TikToker Jasmine Vink, a vaccinated and licensed bat rehabilitator and ecologist in Australia, brought Halloumi home and gave him some much-needed TLC. She wrapped him up in a warm blanket and decided that she would raise him until he was healthy and strong enough to be released.

Halloumi is getting healthier every day and growing so fast. He is finally acclimated to his new home and is curious and eager to explore the world around him. His days include spending time outside sunbathing, having a bath, and enjoying relaxing head massages. He also spends time practicing his flapping so he’ll be ready for the day he’s released back into the wild!

Most people think that bats are terrifying, bloodthirsty animals. This misconception largely comes from fictional films featuring bats or bat-like characters, but because of these imaginary portrayals of bats, these creatures get a pretty bad rap.

What most people don’t know is that bats play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. These animals help to pollinate a large portion of our food supply and control mosquito populations.

Unfortunately, bat populations are dwindling due to habitat loss and the spread of a disease called white-nose syndrome. Without bats, nearly half of the fruits we enjoy wouldn’t exist, and insect populations would be out of control. Luckily, many organizations are working to help the bat population recover.

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