Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 08 Jul 2017

Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 08 Jul 2017

We are delighted to announce the results of our latest photo competition.

Antonis Tsaknakis wins First Prize for his brilliant capture “Puffin with Lunch”.

Marcia Young is awarded Second Prize for her outstanding image “Twiga on the Serengeti”.

Winner of the Third Prize is “Comet Moth, Madagascar” by Noushka Wildlife.


Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 08 Jul 2017
Puffin with Lunch by Antonis Tsaknakis
giraffe baby
Twiga on the Serengeti by Marcia Young
papillon moonmoth d500c 6670 170618
Comet Moth, Madagascar by Noushka Wildlife
See detailed results below:

(click on thumbnails for full scale view).


The next competition starts on 22 July 2017
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Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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