Rottweiler Saves Aussie Mum’s Life After Attack By “Crazed Kangaroo”

Rottweiler Saves Aussie Mum’s Life After Attack By “Crazed Kangaroo”

While kangaroos look cute from afar, they can actually be quite dangerous. This is due primarily to their ability to kick like a mule. In fact, the walloping kickboxing-style punch they can unleash is equal to a bone-crunching 759 pounds of force.

Their claws are also razor-sharp when slashing at whatever is in their way. Many people have found these things out the hard way, and it’s something you want to avoid at all costs. But what if one were to stalk you or come out of nowhere and attack?


Kangaroo Attack

Hopefully, you’ll never find out like one Australian woman recently did. Minding her own business during a walk at Nail Can Hill in Albury, Western Australia, she got that creepy feeling of being watched or followed. Turning to look behind her, she was horrified to see what was staring back.

“I just got this feeling someone was behind me, and I turned around and went “oh…” and he [the kangaroo] was just looking me in the face, and next minute he went bang.

I gave him a few choice words and then I hit the ground,” Baldwin told host Neil Mitchell on his 3AW radio show.

Bundy to the Rescue

Fortunately for Baldwin, she wasn’t alone. Tagging along with her was her loyal friend and close companion, Bundy, her pet Rottweiler.

And it’s a good thing, too, because otherwise, the 71-year-old may have died after being kicked in the stomach and slashed across the arm by the irate ‘roo. Initially,

Bundy leapt into action, chasing the large ‘roo off before it decided to turn and attack him as well. In fact, Baldwin claimed the malevolent marsupial then tried to drown poor Bundy in a nearby dam before they were eventually saved by paramedics.


Forty-Five Minutes of Terror

Unlike most terrifying incidents that are over in a matter of moments or even seconds, Baldwin related that Bundy valiantly fought off the kangaroo for 45 minutes until help arrived.

After she somehow managed to alert nearby walkers, she was later told that heroic (and exhausted) Bundy was only about 20 seconds away from death when he was finally rescued.

Completely aghast, stunned witnesses said the kangaroo was at least 5’10” tall. How’s that for sheer terror?


Kangaroo Mating Season

Baldwin made note of the fact that the encounter may have occurred due to it being kangaroo mating season at the time.

But she said it wasn’t the first angry exchange she’d had with an ill-tempered kangaroo.

“I had an encounter with another ‘roo a couple of times last year, and he used to hide in the grass, and you’d be walking along, and the bloody thing would jump up at you,” she related to Mitchell.

Requiring stitches from this most recent episode, she acknowledged it was probably time to find another hill to walk on.

This article by Rebecca West was first published by The Animal Rescue Site. 

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