Sick Mountain Lion Cub Named Holly Rescued in Northern California

Sick Mountain Lion Cub Named Holly Rescued in Northern California

Wildlife officials rescued a critically ill mountain lion cub in Northern California whom veterinarians named Holly for the holiday season. The cub is now being treated in intensive care, according to the Oakland Zoo.

The cub was found by a Santa Cruz resident on her property, and she altered the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, according to the Zoo. Wildlife officials waited to see if the cub’s mother would return, but she did not. They rescued the cub and took him to the zoo for care.

The veterinarians at the zoo estimated that the cub was only three or four months old and critically ill. Holly was treated with fluids, vitamins, and medication. Unfortunately, while the zoo said that the care improved her blood work, she is still not standing or moving around often.

“We are hopeful she continues to improve but are taking it very much day by day,” the zoo said.

The ultimate goal would be to release Holly back into the wild, but since she is severely sick, the veterinarians said they are dedicated to caring for her until she recovers enough to find a suitable forever home.

While it’s great that this mountain lion cub was rescued, it’s important to remember that zoos are not the best environment for animals.

Due to the stress of small enclosures and constantly being watched by people, many animals will grow depressed and even develop zoochosis, causing them to engage in a variety of self-harming behaviors. These animals may even lash out at other animals or people around them.

Sanctuaries, where the focus is on the animals, are much better because they can live in larger, more natural spaces without human visitors watching.

An animal’s well-being will never be compromised for a human’s entertainment at a real sanctuary. We hope that Holly will be moved to a sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her life.

This article by Hailey Kanowsky was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 22 December 2022. 

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