Sick, smirking, prolific Brit trophy hunter says he gets ‘thrill’ killing majestic beasts

Sick, smirking, prolific British trophy hunter says he gets ‘thrill’ killing majestic beasts

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This is the face of one of Britain’s most prolific ­. Asif Wattoo has killed beautiful animals all over the world. He then boasts about the “thrill” on social media.

Animals he has hunted for fun include , African buffaloes, and . He has also posed for dozens of pictures with carcasses.

Asif Wattoo is one of Britain's most prolific trophy hunters (Image: FB Grab)
Asif Wattoo is one of Britain’s most prolific trophy (Image: FB Grab)

Wattoo, who works for Thames Water, has been exposed by Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban .

Mr Goncalves has shamed those killing animals for “sport” in new book Trophy Leaks: Top Hunters & Industry Secrets Revealed.

In one of Wattoo’s albums there are more than 50 hunting photographs showing his kills on trips to France, Pakistan and South Africa.

Wattoo, who lives in Berkshire, goes on jaunts with South African firm Umlilo Safaris.

The company offers “canned” lion hunts as well as rhino, ­elephant, , hippo and antelope. involves breeding thousands of lions on farms just to be shot by wealthy foreigners.

Writing on Facebook about one of his stalks with the company, Wattoo said: “We saw three nice Impala Rams, but my Professional Hunter knew exactly what I was after (Big and old RAM).

Asif Wattoo posts pictures, showing him smiling next to his kills, on Facebook (Image: Grab)
Asif Wattoo posts pictures, showing him smiling next to his kills, on Facebook (Image: Grab)

“The ram was quartering away so hit him a bit back but the bullet came out of the neck so you can image how much was he quartering away… he only ran about 10m and dropped.” In another grim read he talks about his hunt for the “perfect” head of a waterbuck, a type of African antelope.

He said: “I could’ve shot him at 80m but I wanted my first animal to be a full symmetrical/represented trophy.

“We waited for about 30min for my animal to stand up, and as soon as he stood up, BOOM straight in the chest, he only ran about 30m and dropped.” Wattoo added: “If you’ve hunted in Africa you know exactly how thrilling it is, but if you have not, I suggest you go soon (try Umlilo Safaris). “Only then you will know exactly what and how I am ­feeling right now.”

Asif Wattoo has also described on Facebook his hunting experiences (Image: Grab)
Asif Wattoo has also described on Facebook his hunting experiences (Image: Grab)

Campaigner Mr Goncalves has battled for years to ban the ­importation of hunting trophies to the UK. The Government is currently discussing the matter.

Mr Goncalves said: “Murdering defenceless animals for fun isn’t ‘sport’ – it’s sick. “The Brits who kill for thrills shame our country.

“Trophy hunting companies cater to the bloodlust of people from all walks of life. Huge numbers of animals are killed every year, including endangered species.

Campaigners say trophy hunters such as Asif Wattoo are "sick" (Image: Grab)
Campaigners say trophy hunters such as Asif Wattoo are “sick” (Image: Grab)

“This barbaric industry must be shut down for good.” Mr Goncalves’ book, which is out tomorrow, exposes many other hunters.

A Thames Water spokesman said the company did not comment on what their employees do outside of work. The Daily Star Sunday has contacted Wattoo for comment.

This article was first published by The Daily Star on 6 December 2020. Lead Image: Trophy hunter Asif Wattoo boasts about killing animals for the “thrill” of it (Image: Grab).

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Janet Kenedy

Looking forward to the day that Trophy Hunters will be taken over by Carnivores of all kinds!!. Dragged across the hard landscapes then eaten alive, starting with their ass ends!!


Because he has a problem . Thinks killing a defenceless animal a thing to brag about . Sad bugger


Sick mind!!


You, Asif Wattoo, are the lowest form of being on this planet. It always makes me so sad to run across sick individuals like you as it means yet another one of our magnificent beasts, who just happens to be an endangered species has been mercilessly slaughtered by your apathetic, selfish, and most evil hand. You care more about having a dead head hanging over your dinner table than you do about the fact that you are rapidly whittling away at the food chain with seemingly no notion that as these animals sit at the top of the food chain,… Read more »


Like I wrote before – all hunters are mentally ill parasites that must be eliminated from this planet before they kill us all

Janet Kenedy

I Agree 100%!




Sub human!






Small penis syndrome..


Someone should stuff him and mount him on the wall!!!! Sicko!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

You and your sadistic ilk are too disgusting even for scatalogical reference.

You puff out your heartless chests in pseudo macho false pride as blood flows around you.