Spunky Emu Does “Zoomies” Around The Yard

Spunky Emu Does “Zoomies” Around The Yard

One of the best parts about being around animals is seeing how unique their personalities are. Some are calm, some are sassy, and some are full of spunk!

Growing up, my cousin had three of the same breed of dog. Despite being the same breed, they had their own personalities and one, in particular, loved to do zoomies.

He’d rush around the yard, house, or garage in fast little circles and it was so cute! It’s not that uncommon for dogs to do zoomies, but have you ever seen an emu do zoomies before?

Gabby Bennett, a self-proclaimed “singer, voice teacher, and farmer,” shared a video of the emu on TikTok, and the silly bird can be seen doing zoomies.

She said, “Jeep is the farm clown,” and based on the clip, it’s easy to see why.


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♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

In the TikTok video, you can see Jeep whipping his neck around before taking off for some zoomies!

He rushes around the yard before heading off into the forest. All of the other animals are simply standing around while Jeep is goofing off.

This article by Malorie Thompson was first published by The Animal Rescue Site. Lead Image: PHOTO: TIKTOK/@GBARK91.

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