Stranded 19-meter sperm whale refloated and saved by Chinese fishermen

Stranded 19-meter sperm whale refloated and saved by Chinese fishermen

A beached sperm whale was rescued near the port city of Xianjiang in China’s Zhejiang province after being stranded for about 21 hours.

According to local media, a fisherman discovered the stranded 19-meter sperm whale and alerted authorities. Authorities attempt to save the gorgeous whale and eventually succeed in returning it to the water, as seen on video.

It was estimated that the gigantic beast weighed 60 tonnes, or 132,227 pounds. In the film, rescuers can be seen putting water on the whale to keep it hydrated.

As the tide rose Tuesday evening, five ships assisted in dragging the whale back to the sea. On Wednesday morning, the whale was formally rescued.

Although there is no determined cause for these whale strandings, experts think that the whales often become beached because of shallow seabeds. These can interfere with the sonar navigation that whales use to communicate.

When the sounds bounce on shallow seabeds, it can cause the whales to become confused. Beachings have also been linked to seismic testing, which can cause confusion and disorientation amongst marine animals.

Sign this petition to stop seismic testing and sign this petition to help save beached whales!

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This article by Hailey Kanowski was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 22 April 2022. Lead Image Source : Bastiaan Schuit/Shutterstock.

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