Feb 082018
Environmental Awareness And The Great Barrier Reef

The great barrier reef that harbours a substantial amount of aquatic life is under threat from climate change and a careless disregard for the environment. As one of the one of the seven wonders of the world and being the largest living organism on this planet, the great coral barrier reef is home to many […]

Nov 232017
Florida Opened a Fake Alligator Farm to Catch Poachers

ARCADIA, FLORIDA – On a moonless night in mid-October, Wayne Nichols, 42, lit a cigarette and climbed up to the captain’s seat of a splatter-painted skiff. He eased the boat into the middle of a nameless canal somewhere between Sebring and Lake Placid, in south-central Florida. His clients, Pat Hopkins, 66, and her son Melvin […]

Oct 242014
Crocodiles, Alligators Hunt in Groups, Scientist Says

Studying predatory behavior by crocodiles, alligators and caimans in the wild is notoriously difficult because they are ambush hunters, have slow metabolisms and eat much less frequently than warm-blooded animals. In addition, they are mostly nocturnal and often hunt in murky, overgrown waters of remote tropical rivers and swamps. Accidental observations of their hunting behavior […]

Apr 082014
How a River Otter Can Bag an Alligator for Lunch

We’ve barely recovered from the snake-eats-croc photos, and now this: Photos reveal a river otter in Florida attacking a young alligator, which it then ripped into for lunch. The photos, shot in 2011 in Florida’s Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge by a visitor named Geoff Walsh, were posted this week on the refuge’s Facebook page. […]

Oct 012013
How do Jaguars Hunt? Graphic Images and Video

Jaguars, which are native to South and Central America and the Southwestern U.S., are one of the most powerful big cats in the world. They are excellent swimmers and amazing hunters who stalk a menu of 85 prey species, including turtles and caimans, which are South America’s answer to alligators. Have a look at this […]

Sep 182013
Scientists discover that even crocodiles have a fetish for fruit

It is hard to reconcile visions of a sharp-toothed, scaly, and ferocious crocodile with anything other than a completely carnivorous diet. We have been bombarded with gory kill scenes in which crocodiles take down everything from impala to buffalo, but new evidence suggests we need to rethink crocodilians altogether. When Steven Platt, a herpetologist for […]

Feb 172013
Baby Gators Take II

Gator babelets! These are from October on the Texas Coast. I really, really like baby alligators. I don’t get to see them enough. These were fairly difficult photos to get because the cute guys were hiding in the reeds and grass. It was a fairly sketchy operation that involved almost falling in the water and […]

Oct 272012
Baby Gators!

Baby gators! That’s all I got for now. I’m currently on the Texas coast doing a short gig. Not a whole lot of time for play and photos, but managed to snag a few. Love the gator babies. I did come close to falling in the water trying to get these, so much grass and […]

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