Sep 172016
Tropical Storm Hermine At Bunche Beach: Pt. II

With less than favorable conditions for photography of the wildlife at Bunche Beach, it seemed obvious that the birds were not airborne unless disturbed. I opted to remain at one observation point about a quarter mile east of the parking area where a good sized flock of shorebirds were actively feeding. The mangrove trees offered […]

Jun 052016
Little Estero Lagoon Spring Nesting

For good reason Little Estero Lagoon comes in a close second as a favorite Southwest Florida wildlife venue behind Bunche Beach Preserve. The birds were very accommodating as I continued my walk south toward Carlos Point and back. The Black Scoter was an especially nice find with their behavior “ridiculously tame” as world wildlife photographer […]

May 012016
Pictures Don't Always Tell The Whole Story

It’s hard for me to remember what it was like to go birding without bringing my camera along. I like having a visual record of what I see but there is a lot that happens when I’m birding that I never capture on film. For example, seconds after I saw this American Oystercatcher a jolly […]

Jan 172016
Ostrero austral (Magellanic Oystercatcher) Haematopus leucopodus

Los ostreros son aves de pico largo, fuerte y aplanado el cual les permite sacar a los moluscos de sus valvas. Frecuentan costas marinas, riberas de arroyos, ríos, lagunas y zonas húmedas en estepas. Son aves que se alimentan de moluscos, crustáceos y larvas.Durante su viaje a la Patagonia Argentina en el mes de Junio […]

Sep 072014
Poll: Vote for Your Favorite Species to Help Celebrate World Shorebird Day! (Photos)

This Saturday marks the first World Shorebird Day, a day to celebrate these beautiful birds and raise awareness for their conservation. Shorebirds nest and migrate along beaches and grasslands, and are known to have some of the most impressive migrations in the animal kingdom. They’re an incredibly diverse group of birds, consisting of plovers, oystercatchers, […]

Jul 262014
Reddish Egret at Fort De Soto

Last week my wife decided it might be fun to go to the beach on the Gulf coast (calmer waves), and she asked me if there was a good place there go visit. Fort De Soto, of course! So yesterday we spent the day there. My father and I got there early to do some […]

May 252014
 Memorial Day Beachgoers Asked to "Fish, Swim, and Play from 50 Yards Away"

As millions of vacationing Americans head to their nearest beach destination for a long weekend of surf and sun, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is urging them to be mindful of the many beach-nesting birds that will be tending to their nests and newly hatched young. “People visiting the beaches are often unaware of the many […]

Jan 092013
2012: A Year in Review

Well, I must say it’s been a pretty good year. I made my goal for the year, and then some. I wanted to see 250 birds in the State of Florida, and I found 259, and I also found 272 total this year (including visits to TX, MD and VA). I also have discovered the […]

Feb 292012
Birds with "Blown Eyes"

Because I am a bird photographer I get to see and photograph our beautiful feathered friends, learn their habits and behaviors and sometimes I get to take a look at unusual conditions in the birds themselves. The Yellow-crowned Night Heron above exhibits what I and other bird photographers have come to call “blown eye”. Both […]