Mar 152017
Austria flouts EU law to cull otters

Lower Austria is planning to trap and shoot 40 otters in the very near future. This is in spite of the fact that otters are protected by the European Union Fauna and Flora Habitats Directive. This is in response to appeals from fishermen stating that there are too many otters. The numbers quoted for that […]

Nov 252016
Golden Spectacled Bear (The real Paddington bear)

By: Michael Tweddle Lucky to share this natural instinct by enjoying and admiring wildlife. Life has led me to travel to such places that when I was a child taught me characters as Jacques Cousteau and TV documentaries such as the National Geographic, Transtel Cologne and BBC among others. Happy today, after thirty years taking […]

Aug 282013
Adventures of a Nature Photographer: The Ocelot

What is the work of a nature photographer really like? Adventures, beautiful landscapes, expeditions and wild animals? Have you ever wondered how all these breathtaking pictures are made? I, for sure, did. This is why I created “Adventures of a Nature Photographer”. I want to share my experiences with you. Come with me on expedition […]

Aug 042013
"Weaners" get a second chance!

The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California plays a critical role in the survival of many marine mammals along the northern and central California coast. Founded in 1975 on a former Nike Missile site in the Marin Headlands, it took in its first seven patients. Much has changed since then and the Center is now […]

Apr 172013
The Wild Ponies Of Chincoteague Island, VA

I had the privilege of visiting Chincoteague Island and Assateague Island, in Virginia, during mid-February ’13. Chincoteague is a quaint, friendly town and Assateague Island was abundant with wildlife. I had my sights set on finding the famous Chincoteague Ponies, known worldwide for the pony swim and penning that occurs yearly on the last Wednesday […]

Jan 142013
  Hooded Merganser - Lophdytes cucullatus

What I love about winter in New England is that the pond start to freeze up and it concentrates the ducks and other birds into smaller areas that have open water. At a local pond in Plymouth Massachusetts, it becomes much easier to photograph and observe hooded mergansers. I was able to observe and photograph […]