Jan 092018
POLL: Should drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be banned?

For thousands of years, the Porcupine caribou herd has migrated to give birth and nurse their young in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The route they take varies every year, but it takes them thousands of miles, making it the longest migration of any land mammal on earth. The spectacle of […]

Oct 272017
POLL: Should the Alaska Refuge be opened up for drilling?

When Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was established in the 1960s, the U.S. government had several goals in mind—chief among them protecting the region’s unique wildlife and wilderness. But the region has one extremely contentious asset that has sparked controversy for decades—nearly 10.3 billion barrels of petroleum under the ground. Now, Congress is proposing legislation […]

Oct 032017
POLL: Should there be a worldwide ban on fur farming?

We don’t typically get to follow the lives of individual animals who are killed for their coats. Now, a short film is offering us a harrowing glimpse into the short and tragic lives of three fox siblings who were born, raised and killed on a fur farm. The film, Fur: A Lifetime, which was just […]

May 312016
Arctic foxes 'grow' their own gardens

The underground homes, often a century old, are topped with gardens exploding with lush dune grass, diamond leaf willows, and yellow wildflowers – a flash of color in an otherwise gray landscape. “They’re bright green and everything around them is just brown,” says Brian Person, a wildlife biologist for the North Slope Borough in Barrow, Alaska. “It pops.” He’s talking about arctic fox dens. Person has […]

Jan 302015
Video: Gaupe - Lynx

Lynx at Langedrag WildlifePark, Buskerud County, Norway – There are more than 20 different animal species, including rare wild animals like the wolf, lynx and arctic fox. Visitors can get close contact with most of the animals during feeding time. Gaupe på Langedrag Naturpark, i Buskerud, Norge – Parken har mange forskjellige dyrearter og det […]

Jun 222014
Extinct Fox Species With Supersharp Teeth Discovered in Tibet

An extinct species of “very carnivorous” fox with supersharp teeth once roamed the frigid Tibetan Plateau, a new study says. The fossils of the newly identified Vulpes qiuzhudingi, which lived 3.60 to 5.08 million years ago, in the Pliocene period, are the oldest arctic fox remains ever found. That could make them the earliest known […]

Feb 132013

Dagens väder inbjöd till en liten skogstur med termos och kameran, blev kanske inte så mycket fotat men jag gillar lav på träden så det fick bli ett par bilder på detta. Jag använde ett minnes kort som jag inte haft i sedan sommaren och vad dök upp när jag tankade över bilderna jo lite […]

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